10 ugly ’90s fashion trends making a comeback

The biggest ‘ugly’ fashion trends of the ’90s were all about grunge. The shoes and accessories were thicker, the denim was looser, the flannels were oversized, and the hair was pulled back with a scrunchie.

And while you might think these trends were comfortably tucked away in the past, you couldn’t go more wrong. From platform sneakers to oversized plaids, the ugliest trends of the ’90s are back, but with a more tailored and sophisticated touch. These reimagined trends from the 90s are a nod to the retro decade and a clue to the future. In short? It’s time to rethink the childhood trends of the 90s and try them again.

One way to reinvent the most popular retro trends? Start with the way you style them. Instead of wearing your JNCO style jeans with a grungy oversized plaid shirt, consider wearing the denim with a sleeker bodysuit. Fancy an oversized flannel top? Pair it with bike shorts or a denim skirt for a chic contrast.

And don the accessories with abandon. From platform sneakers to adult jelly sandals, your shoes are an easy way to dip your toes into the “ugly” trends of yesteryear. And for a low-stakes take on ’90s trends, throw a scrunchie in your hair, whether you’re wearing a tee and jeans, or a tight dress.

Coming up, find the top ten ‘ugly’ trends from the ’90s that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe this year and beyond.


Jelly sandals for adults

Do you remember the jellies from your childhood? Well, they’re back, but they look lofty. Channel your favorite strappy sandals and go for a PVC version that brings back that youthful whimsy, whether you’re wearing denim cuts or mini dresses after hours.


Wide leg jeans

When flares aren’t enough, go back to the archives and pull on some looser, baggy jeans. Think about the JNCO status. Complete them with a slim bodysuit or a classic white tee to balance the proportions and you’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time, but you’ll recreate your favorite trends in a more chic way than ever.


Oversized checked shirt

One of the mainstays of the grunge era is an oversized plaid flannel shirt. Keep it open and layer it like a jacket – or, rather, wasp. For this season, try teaming it with more elegant style pieces, like bike shorts or skinny jeans.


Platform boots

Whether you go high or low, chunky or stylish, platform boots are a fun way to raise the bar for all your looks this season.



The only appropriate accessory to wear with this high ponytail is a scrunchie, right? To the right. Elevate the stretch jersey style with scrunchies in luxurious velor, silk, whimsical prints or even leather.


Bucket hats

If you haven’t worn one since 1999, it’s time to rediscover the laid-back freshness of bobs. For a laid-back, laid-back look, team this colorful style with comfy sweatshirts and white trainers. To go out? Put on a little black dress and platform sandals.



Paddle Your Inner Child: When was the last time you spent an afternoon slipping down slides and hanging onto monkey bars? These distressed denim overalls have playtime vibes written all over it. They will go from the park to the post office (hey, you are technically an adult) with ease.



Justice for the skort! This nostalgic style doesn’t get enough love or appreciation. It truly is the best of both worlds. Plus, this neutral shade works well with other muted tones and textures.


Tinted sunglasses

Black lenses are so 2020. Right now, sunglasses with tinted lenses are celebrity favorites. Whether you go for fiery red, neon yellow, or cool blue, the key is to add color to your world, literally.


Lace up tops

Are you looking for a top that requires no effort without too much effort? Step into the lace up sweater, which can work for just about any occasion. Pair it with jeans for a date or a pencil skirt for your next networking event.

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