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It’s never too early for brands and retailers to think Holiday 2023.

Using a Proprietary Algorithm, New Retail Reporting Analytics Company Trendalytic identified the themes and trends that are accelerating for the season and where they are going next.

Influenced by history, nostalgia and TikTok’s penchant for turning a simple trend into a full-fledged lifestyle, Holiday ’23 takes emerging trends and adds a festive splash of color, texture and glitter. .


More is more in Festum, the Trendalytics theme centered around feathers, mismatched prints and unexpected pops of color. “Maximalism meets cheerfulness as the unbridled joy of the holidays shines through,” he said.

The theme takes a spin on traditional holiday glam trends, however, with heaps of individualism.

The “weird girl aesthetic”, a new anti-fashion approach normcore which mixes colorful patterns, textures and playful accessories, influences this direction. “On TikTok, fashion enthusiasts are experimenting with re-worn pieces and excessive layering as they discover that one person’s weirdness is wearable for another,” the report said.

Moschino Resort 2023


The fashion obsession with the 90s and the year 2000 also exists here, adding to the eclecticism of Festum. Y2K fashion searches are up 71% year over year, while Y2K makeup searches are up 176%.

An “eruption of colors and textures” is also brewing on social networks. Trendalytics reports that the maximalism hashtag has over 330,000 posts on Instagram and over 302 million views on TikTok. Average weekly searches for maximalism are up 6% year over year.

Orange-red, purple-pink and cerulean “allow maximalism to flourish” – a sentiment with the theme’s puffy silhouettes.

Feather-trimmed pajamas are among Festum’s star items for women. Despite their sleepwear origins, luxury pajamas have become the post-pandemic alternative to evening dresses. Wide-leg pants, which Trendalytics says saw a 105% increase in searches, are an important canvas for Festum’s explosion of color. Bubble clogs – a bulbous style popularized by Simon Miller and fashionistas’ alternative to clogs – are also in demand, with searches up 604% from last year.

Gucci Collection HA HA HA

Gucci Collection HA HA HA


For men, opt for vintage silhouettes like flared pants for men. Trendalytics said ’70s style saw a 116% increase in searches over last year, and upcoming collaborations like Gucci’s retro partnership with Harry Styles will only draw more attention to the iconic styles of the decade. Floral print suits for men (up 79% year-over-year) and pearl necklaces (up 55% year-over-year) are also on deck.

Festum’s impact on home decor is evident in checkerboard-print rugs, antiques, and garland holiday decorations. Pleasant scents like Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Apple and Ginger Candle enhance the holiday story.


Sierra may be the most muted trend in Trendalytics’ holiday predictions, but it’s no less nuanced. Influenced by nature, slow living and sustainability, Sierra offers retailers the opportunity to invest in durable basics (in olive green, cream and teal) and elegant pearl embellishments.

“Elevated basics and modern workwear are gaining new life on TikTok,” Trendalytics said. Brands like Aritzia, Abercrombie & Fitch and Djerf Avenue lead the way as Gen Z turns pants and a white t-shirt into the latest “It” outfit.

The clean look reflects the suburban lifestyles consumers embrace. New remote work opportunities are pushing millennials and Gen Zers to trade their big-city dreams for less densely populated areas, which translates to more comfort and convenience. multipurpose cabinets.

This shift is evident in Sierra’s signature men’s items: knit shirts and cable knit sweaters. Trendalytics reported that searches for each increased 106% and 86% year-over-year, respectively. Meanwhile, men’s shoulder bags are shaping up to be an essential item for employees who carry their laptops home more frequently.

Fendi Men Spring 2023

Fendi Men Spring 2023


Women’s must-haves include oversized suits, pearl barrettes and knit balaclavas, which were arguably the hottest winter accessory last year and show no signs of slowing down. Trendalytics said searches for knit balaclavas were up 212% from a year ago.

For the home, expect to see vintage (or vintage-looking) hardside suitcases and wooden shelves serving as charming surfaces for global trinkets.


Descending from Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations and another hit season of “Bridgerton,” Reign taps into consumer intrigue with all things royal.

“At the intersection of glamor and romance, Reign brings indulgence and femininity to the holidays,” Trendalytics said. “No expense is spared as the festive outfits and opulent decor turn the season into one fit for modern royalty.”

The essence of Reign already exists in the market. Current romantic fashion trends (think corsetssheer blouses and canvas skirts) and dopaminergic fashion are part of the glamorous story, while Hollywood’s fascination with historical fiction and royalty adds new layers to the look.

Acne Studios Men Spring 2023

Acne Studios Men Spring 2023


plum, gold and “Blue Bridgerton” make up Reign’s luxurious color palette. Colors add a new dimension to must-haves like women’s beaded skirts and the silk corset. The bow-accented heels highlight the overt femininity of the theme as well as the embellished nails and gemstones for the hair.

For men, Reign paints a more sensual picture. Key items include satin suits, sheer chemises and lingerie. Searches for this latest Fenty-approved category are up 25% from last year.

Modern chandeliers, embroidered pillows, and ceramic pendant lights carry the theme into the home. Expect to see romantic scents like musk, rose, and jasmine gain traction in the home fragrance category.

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