4 apps to stay on top of the latest fashion trends

There are countless apps where you can browse, bargain, and buy clothes or fashion accessories. But where to go to get a glimpse of the latest fashion trends?

These smartphone apps will keep you up to date with the latest fashion news and the latest fashion trends.

1. Vogue Runway Fashion Shows

The Vogue Runway app brings together catwalks, street style, content and videos in one app.

After reviewing the latest fashion shows and collections, you can dive into the app’s comprehensive archive which contains over one million runway photos and 20,000 fashion shows from the past two decades.

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Vogue photographers share exclusive street style snaps from the world’s fashion capitals. Perhaps the most exciting feature of Vogue Runway is that it lets you tune in to frontline live streams with the option to turn on Track Alerts allowing you to stay on top of the latest trends.

At the time of writing, Vogue Runway is only available on iOS.

To download: Vogue show for ios (To free)


HYPEBEAST is dedicated to bringing the latest news in fashion, footwear, design and an array of other fashion related topics to your fingertips. You can choose to receive last minute alerts to keep you up to date 24/7.

If you are looking for something new, HYPEBEAST offers a list of To come up fell next to it recently Posted drops.


To download: HYPEBEAST for ios | Android (To free)

3. Nike SNKRS

The Nike SNKRS app keeps you up to date with upcoming sneaker launches with the ability to set notifications for kicks that catch your eye.

SNKRS ‘most exciting feature takes you behind the scenes of your favorite sneakers with exclusive legacy stories and personal anecdotes from top athletes.

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To download: Nike SNKRS for ios | Android (To free)


HYPEBAE celebrates empowered women in a variety of disciplines, focused on fashion culture.

The app features the latest fashion news and original content listed in a number of sections including fashion, footwear, beauty, and culture.

HYPEBAE offers exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and videos in collaboration with leading women in fashion and creative talents.

To download: HYPEBAE for ios | Android (To free)

Fashion at your fingertips

Finding the latest fashion trends and the latest fashion news is a challenge when most apps just want to sell you something. These four user-friendly apps provide in-depth coverage of exclusive news, drops and clips, tailored to your inner fashionista.

If you want to treat yourself, use your new fashion knowledge and visit a luxury fashion site to buy designer clothes.

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