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Stockings are an essential part of women’s clothing as they make up about 50% of outfits. Having durable, classic pieces in your wardrobe adds variety, makes dressing easier, faster, and also helps you save money. So whether you prefer skirts or sweatpants, take a look at these must-have bottoms for women and add them to your wardrobe to complement your personal sense of style.

1. Wide Leg Pants

It is currently one of the most demanded garments. They are flattering, lightweight and comfortable. Instead of skirts or dresses, it can be a great alternative. You can pair it with shirts, kurtis, crop tops and t-shirts. There’s something for every style and dress code, including pairs with patterned designs, pull-on choices, and waist belts.

2. Ripped Jeans

Every woman should own a pair of fashionable ripped jeans. They are durable and suitable for all seasons, whether it is hot, rainy, summer or cold. There are many kinds of ripped jeans, from heavily worn jeans to distressed ankle-length denim. They are simple to style; you can wear them with a crop top, leather jacket, kurta, loose sweater, etc.

3. Leather pants

The leather pants trend is one that is not going away anytime soon. They are ideal for a cold night. Straight leg, high waisted, slim and slim fit leather pants are just a few of the many styles available. Leather joggers or leggings are also available. Although black leather pants are the most popular models, they can also be found in brown, beige, white, red and navy blue. They instantly give any garment a more chic party vibe and can elevate it. They look best when worn with a fitted blazer, a slim jacket, a simple white t-shirt or a brightly colored turtleneck.

4. Cargo pants

Cargo pants are the ideal choice for you if you prefer fashionable comfort. They are comfortable yet stylish. They usually come with plenty of pockets and are great for everyday use. They are trendy and can be used for clubbing or just hanging out with your friends. They are mainly preferred in traditional colors such as beige or black, but if you want to experiment, you can opt for a bright color such as red or purple. They are usually worn with a t-shirt, crop top or tank top. They go best with sneakers.

5. Pencil skirts

The name “pencil skirt” refers to the item’s distinctive cut style. Fashion and practicality are combined in women’s pencil skirts. One of the greatest qualities of pencil skirts is one of the greatest qualities of pencil skirts. The same skirt can be worn in different ways as the design, fabric and attitude can vary wildly. Fabrics and prints have a significant impact on the look of the outfit as a whole. You will never go out of style if your wardrobe includes pencil skirts.

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