5 Summer Accessories That Could Boost Your Style Quotient | fashion trends

With the changing seasons and warmer days ahead, a wardrobe change is an absolute must and can ensure you’re ready for summer. Summer style is synonymous with comfort and experimentation. Besides, you can also take all those mini outfits out of your wardrobe and spend a lot of time choosing accessories that will stand out this season. (Also read: Are digital influencers the new “celebrities” walking the ramp?)

Choosing the perfect accessories for your outfits is never easy and there is always a risk of overdoing it. Keeping it simple yet unique can help accentuate the style quotient and give a chic look.

In an interaction with HT Digital, fashion designer and influencer Prerna Mehra suggests five summer accessories you might consider adding to your summer style.

1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses (Pexels, Unsplash)

It’s a cliché but it still works. It’s practical for the summer and it always ends up in a list of accessories. We went through summers with chunky pop colored frames last year and did the yellow and pink tinted lenses a few summers ago. This year it’s time for square sunglasses with chunky frames in neutral colors like white, black and brown, sporty options are trending this summer, 90s rimless glasses instead of those from the year 2000. You might want to replace your colored frames with shiny glass or lenses instead.

2. Utility Belts

Utility belts (Pinterest)

The Multi Pouch Belts have decided to stay. Whether you opt for a utility bag strap or a utility belt, they work so well to cinch your waist, add flair to your outfit, and are really handy for storing your AirPods, keys, cash, and phone. With options pouring in, this trend is here to stay.

3. Chunky platform heels

Chunky Platform Heels (Unsplash)

This autumnal trend continued until spring-summer and was accentuated with the rise in temperatures. These heels come in many shapes and sizes and the funkier the color, the trendier the shoe.

4. Belly chain

Belly chain (Pinterest)

It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if experimentation is your thing, it works so well for all sizes. A delicate chain or layered chain to draw attention to your bare midriff is a game-changer this summer. You can pair it with a low waisted skirt for brunch, a swimsuit for a resort look, or a saree for a friend’s engagement party.

5. Hands-free bags

This trend means we can hold our Starbucks in one hand and our phone in the other with our latest designer candy wrapping our wrists or under our arms.

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