6 practical fashion accessories every man should have

They say clothes make the man, but sometimes it’s the accessories that help bring the whole outfit and wardrobe together. Dressing for success isn’t just a blanket statement people use to justify buying a great costume. It is a psychological phenomenon that dressing better will help you feel more confident and prepared.

In addition to this statement, one should understand how accessories play an important role in a man’s style. Choosing the right accessories for a man is just as important as this striking dress jacket, so here are 6 practical fashion accessories that no man can do without.

1. A good wallet

Subtlety is the key, and a wallet is definitely subtle. You might not think that a good wallet will be an important accessory, but the right one men’s leather bifold wallet is a sneaky addition to an outfit. Not only is it practical, but the good workmanship of the leather shows special attention to detail. Some might not notice the wallet, but people who really love the style and take care of their looks will certainly appreciate your eye for subtle accessories like this one.

2. A reliable tie

Your tie is one of the first things people will notice about your jacket in a less than subtle way. Before they pay close attention to the fit, length, cuff, cufflinks, or color, they’ll notice your tie. It immediately grabs attention and helps create or undo the overall look of your costume or casual outfit. It is therefore essential to choose a tie that is not only fashionable, but reliable for all occasions.

3. A special watch

Photo by Fernando Arcos de Pexels

The opposite of subtlety is often associated with men’s watches, but that’s not always the case. A gold Rolex or chronograph watch can certainly take the eye away from a part of your outfit that you feel is missing, or add a centerpiece to an otherwise understated outfit, but a subtle bracelet and simple watch face also work wonders. . Either way, no matter what style, strap, material, or brand you choose, a watch is something every man should include in their collection of accessories.

4. A versatile pair of shoes

Shoes are an essential part of any good outfit, so it’s hard to imagine them being considered an accessory, but getting a versatile pair of shoes definitely falls into that category. All men who respect themselves should have a pair of shoes or boots which can be used for multiple occasions. A good example of this is a pair of suede Chelsea boots. They can also serve as quick shoes for a formal event or also be worn for a night out at a restaurant. Good shoes should last you a long time, but you need a versatile pair that can be used at any time for occasions that are lower than black ties.

5. A sophisticated pair of sunglasses

You can very easily walk into a drugstore or gas station and grab one of those $ 2 pairs of sunglasses hanging from the rack near the cash register, but these are shoddy at best. You can’t settle for less when you choose a pair of sunglasses because they attract attention. Just like a good wallet, some people will think of them as just nice sunglasses, others will not care at all, but some people will definitely appreciate your style. A good pair of sunglasses adds a cool factor to a work outfit, a relaxed summer fit and also works well with a pointy suit.

6. A quality belt

If you need a stylish piece but don’t fancy a watch in particular, a belt is a good option. Belts are usually an unsung hero of a good outfit as they go unnoticed a lot of times but can really create a look. Dark navy pants and a dark navy blue jacket with a rich brown leather belt may scream style, but everything is in moderation. It might not turn heads the same way as a timepiece, but there’s no denying that a quality belt is an investment in your accessory set.

Every man should value his appearance, and that comes with good attire. You not only need to focus on the main parts of your wardrobe and outfits, but you also need to consider how your accessories can help create a look. These 6 practical men’s fashion accessories are the ones every man needs in order to dress for real success.

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