9 men’s winter fashion trends in 2021

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Winter is just around the corner, so it’s time to stock your wardrobe with on-trend pieces for the coming cold. This winter, menswear is more exciting than ever, with unexpected colors, accessories and clothing making the must-have list for the man who appreciates style.

From the return of the sweater to the classic cable-knit sweater paired with a 10K yellow gold chain for men, found at FrostNYC, there are several playful and avant-garde trends this winter. Explore the top nine trends in men’s winter fashion for 2021 so you can put together the perfect ensemble for the season.

1. Rugged leather coats

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This year, the classic leather biker jacket has been replaced by the knee-length variety in durable leather. Big designer shows feature bespoke leather overcoats, hinting at the move from waist-high leather jackets to oversized leather coats meant to keep you warm rather than cool. When choosing your new leather coat, opt for a model with a wide leather belt for an enhanced version of a classic trench coat.

2. Caramel and toffee

Clothing in caramel and caramel hues dominate the men’s fashion shows from head to toe. These warm yellow-brown tones harmonize with all skin tones and bring out a different vibe, depending on the pieces you pair and their hue.

The best bet for this candy-colored trend is to go for a tone-on-tone monochromatic and go for a sweater, pants, socks and shoes that are almost the same color, but you can also mix it with more pieces. dark in burnt caramel, creams and chestnuts.

3. Trench coat

Trench coats continue their run as a flagship piece of menswear starting in spring 2021. However, this winter the trench coat takes a more subtle approach by returning to the basic raincoat design with clean geometric pleats. and utility flaps. The look recalls the fascinating history of the trench coat and its militaristic origins while bringing modern sensibilities. If you are looking for a trench coat for your collection, go for a beige colored piece with a belt that you can tie up for a neat look or leave open in a casual setting.

4. Wool socks

Wool socks are always worn in the winter for warmth, but they are at the heart of the fashion this year. Moisture evacuation wool keeps your feet warm and dry during the cold and wet winter months and gives you the option to accessorize dull black and gray outfits with a pop of color.

Wool socks often feature fun patterns and color combinations that stand out under the hem of your pants when you walk and when you sit down. This winter, opt for socks in vermilion or scarlet wool or continue the caramel trend with a pair of gold socks.

5. Gold jewelry

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Gold jewelry, especially gold chains, are making a comeback this year and the trend continues this winter. Yellow gold is particularly hot right now, so rocking a few layered gold chains with different types of links is a great way to complement your outfits in the months to come. Here are the types of chains to explore to add a little more depth and warmth to your winter look:

  • Rope
  • Cuban link
  • Figaro
  • Sidewalk
  • Franco
  • Rafters
  • Marine

6. Sweater Vest

Once relegated to ironic Christmas parties and ’90s preppy teenagers, the sweater cardigan is making a big comeback in 2021. Sweater vests of all kinds are all the rage right now; from classic fit pieces worn with button down shirts to knit cardigans with nothing underneath, there are almost no limits when it comes to wearing a cardigan this winter.

However, for the most edgy idea, choose a patterned cardigan in trendy fall colors and pair it with Bermuda shorts and wool socks.

7. Bermuda

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One of the most surprising trends this winter is that shorts remain trendy despite the cold. Don’t wear just any shorts, however; the most fashionable choice would be the leather Bermuda shorts, oldest boy, or leather in a quilted pattern.

Bermuda shorts feature a hem just above the knee and originated in Bermuda, where the British military and later British bankers embraced the trend of staying cool in the heat of the tropical islands. As crazy as it sounds, these shorts are all the rage this winter. When paired with full-length woolen socks and a comfy sweater and overcoat, you’ll look stylish with this once-summer-focused choice.

8. Cable knit crew neck

One of the more classic looks that remains a contender for the most stylish winter wear for men is the cable-knit crew-neck sweater. There never was a time when this staple went out of fashion, so you might already have a lot of twist knits in your wardrobe. To make sure your look is up to date, opt for this season’s vibrant and surprising fall colors, such as caramel, pink, red, orange and yellow, and pair your sweater with a chain in intricately woven golden rope to enhance the look.

9. Shades of red

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Reminiscent of a crackling fire, red is heating up the menswear catwalk this year. Some of the more stylish ensembles feature full reds from head to toe, while others show pops of vibrant cherry paired with more subdued colors.

When choosing red pieces for your wardrobe, look for varied shades such as scarlet, burgundy, vermilion and coral red to turn things up and keep you warm this winter.

Push the limits this winter

This year’s men’s winter fashion trends eschew the relatively tame winter clothes of years gone by. Get into the experimental groove this winter by trying out some of these incredibly exciting and innovative trends, like pairing a gold Cuban Link chain with a caramel-colored sweater and pants or wearing leather Bermuda shorts with wool socks and a crew-neck sweater. neck.

Only by experimenting with this year’s winter fashion trends will you be able to find which look truly represents your unique style, so grab some trendy pieces and have fun.

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