Abbie Chatfield is 100% about to launch her own clothing brand

We spied the gram and are completely convinced that Abbie Chatfield is about to drop her own fashion label.

I was there innocently scrolling through Instagram when a stunning image of Abbie Chatfield’s Instagram photo made its way onto my feed.

Pictured is a close-up of a few throat orange ribbed flares that I immediately wanted in my own closet. Clicking on Abbie’s IG I was pleased to see 8 more images, all close-ups of shiny ribbed clothes.

Photo not described

Curiosity and excitement followed. Abbie, what could that mean? What are you trying to tell us?

Among the images was also a post of the definition of the word ‘Verbose’. That’s when the penny dropped.

The Queen is launching her own fashion brand.

Now, because I’m a sticky beak with a crippling shopping addiction, I investigated further.

Going to Abbie’s next listing and searching “verbose” showed the Instagram account @VerboseTheLabel. Jackpot.

The account has 3 items (none of which are clothes Again) and is followed by some of Abbie’s friends. However, the most interesting evidence would be that the account tracks one person and only one person: Abbie Chatfield.

Photo not described

According to Abbie’s Instagram, the label will launch with 4 key elements (we think):

  • Orange ribbed top and flare set
  • A lilac purple ribbed set
  • A bright pink ribbed dress
  • A blue ribbed button-up top or dress – too early to tell on this one.

Abbie is an absolute powerhouse and a businesswoman. She launched her own sex toy with Vush, a swimwear collection with RAQ Apparel, has her own radio show and a high-profile podcast. Launching her own clothing brand makes sense and we can’t wait to see exactly what the pieces look like.

My wallet is ready, Abbie. Your move.

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