Alicia’s Closet NW Ohio Offers Homestay Clothing


The Fremont nonprofit is the first branch of Columbus-based Alicia’s Closet.

FREMONT, Ohio — Fostering can be fulfilling work for those caring for children in need. But it can also be tiring and expensive.

Alicia’s Closet NWO, a nonprofit in Fremont that started as the first branch of the Columbus, Ohio-based organization, is designed to ease some of those burdens by providing clothing for foster children.

Fremont native Emily Boroff said she and her husband wanted to open their home with their five children and bring in foster children a few years ago.

But they had to stop putting children in foster care because the financial reality of bringing in more children was too much for them at the time.

“There’s not a lot of financial support for foster families,” Boroff said. “I know there’s like a big myth that you make a lot of money doing it, and that’s really not the case.”

She always wanted to support local foster children and found a non-profit home in the basement of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Fremont.

“I learned so much from Emily about the real vulnerabilities of children and foster families and a way to give back,” Pastor Matt Wheeler said.

Alicia’s Closet sorts, cleans and prepares clothing from newborns to young adults for distribution to any foster or foster children in need.

They also have a limited supply of toys, strollers, and other necessities.

Boroff said she is also working to organize volunteers and donors to continue to grow their services.

Alicia’s Closet NWO is currently accepting donations for fall and winter clothing.

“There are situations where they’ll pull the kid out of school because … they don’t have anything. So, we have stuff,” Boroff said.

Shopping at Alicia’s Closet NWO is by appointment only.

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