All the TikTok fashion trends you’ll see at Coachella 2022


Amid the return of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this week, TikTok streams have been awash with fashion and makeup inspiration from the festival as music fans — or fashionistas who claim to be there for the music – collect their best looks.

Coachella 2022 tendencies

We all remember the bohemian flower crowns and earthy tones of Coachella’s past. Now, according to TikTok influencers, Coachella fashion will move away from previous “free-spirited” looks and instead head towards a “modern edge” with various shades of purple, sparkly textiles, beachwear, fringed and eclectic pieces including, but definitely not limited to:

The rhinestone fringed cowboy hat: A classic cowboy hat with a fringed rhinestone trim will be making a comeback this year, according to TikTok. Fashion influencers predict that festival-goers will replace it as a “modern flower crown”, pairing it with a strappy dress and cowboy boots.

Crochet sets and dresses: Vogue attributes this trend to do-it-yourselfers amid the COVID-19 pandemic, popularizing crocheted swimsuits, bucket hats and bags both Coachella and everyday fashion trend. A splash of colorful and flowery patches to take you from day to night will be popular with festival-goers, according to TikTok.

Metallic and golden textures: The past dominating the pandemic is out and the future is here so that means metallic everything. Reminiscent of the Disco era of the 1970s and bringing the “futuristic vibes of this digital age”, TikTok influencers predict metallic fabrics will take Coachella by storm, adding that everyone is ready for COVID-19 be finished.

Euphoric makeup and hairstyle: “Euphoria” -inspired by everything seems to be synonymous with Coachella this year, so break out the sparkly eyeshadow and find yourself a friend who can braid your hair. TikTok predictions are also full of hairstyles filled with accessories such as flowers, barrettes, beads, butterfly clips and/or multiple pigtail knots and chignons for a psychedelic look. Pair it with colored eyeliner or metallic frosted eyeshadow for a complete music festival look.

Bodysuits, low-rise bottoms and miniskirts: According to TikTok, these early must-haves are sure to bring the Y2K sensation back to Coachella. Step back into the year 2000 with a tie-dye bodysuit, low-rise bottoms, miniskirts, chain and feather accessories, as they all make a return to gargantuan proportions. TikTokers suggest these parts in metallic and neon colors will be an easy trend to spot at the music festival.

Glasses : Get out your Y2K sunglasses, this year TikTokers predict we’ll see the return of shield sunglasses. Whether you prefer a clear bug-eyed frame or a lightly tinted shield, influencers suggest pairing it with your favorite 2000s denim pants and a soft-hued corset for a complete festival look.

The dream of the shoe: No fashionable look is complete without the right shoes and Coachella is no exception, whatever the weather or comfort. You can be sure to spot cowboy boots in all textures and colors, gladiator sandals, neon-colored platform slides and cool-vibe sneakers.

Time will tell if these TikTok influencer predictions are correct or not, but we suggest you give them a shot.

Festival Fashion at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 16, 2017.

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