Artist Doloo5L puts his artistic skills to work on shoes, clothes, tattoos and more at just 21

When Nia Jackson, whose artist name is Doloo5L, customized her first pair of Nike Air Force 1s in 2019 during her senior year of high school, she said it wasn’t a serious project.

She’s always had an interest in art, but it wasn’t until she graduated from high school that she became “a sneakerhead.” Due to his extensive shoe collection, Jackson decided to paint over one of his old pairs. She put them on Facebook hoping to share a project with friends, but received comments she didn’t expect.

“A lot of people were giving me positive feedback, saying I had real talent,” Jackson says. “So I took it and ran with it.”

After graduating, Jackson began to take custom footwear seriously. She met friends to ask for used shoes, customized them and returned them. She asked her friends to post them on social media.

Slowly but surely, Jackson developed customers who would come for custom shoes, and she built a business through his Instagram page, Doloodesignedit. As her page grew, she began to accommodate requests for custom clothing, which she had never done for a commercial audience.

Jackson initially turned down a few requests, but once she perfected her shoemaking technique, custom clothing became part of her business.

“Everything started working and my clientele was growing,” Jackson says. “One day I decided to say that I had [custom clothing] and I got to work.

Most people come to Jackson with an idea of ​​what they already want and work with her to iron out the details. Once both parties are happy with the design idea, Jackson gets to work.

“Usually I don’t really need to draw anything, it just pops into my head and I just put it on it,” Jackson says. “They don’t always come out exactly the same [as the idea]But it is okay.”

Because most of the custom clothing she makes is made-to-order, there isn’t always a direct theme to her articles. But, Jackson says there’s a streetwear flair to what she designs and creates.

“I love making fashion that speaks to people and has a story behind it,” she says. “But fashion also goes with a cut and shoes.”

Jackson says the next step is to launch her own clothing line and establish a brand that people recognize.

Despite her success with shoes and apparel, Jackson wants to continue developing her talents. Last fall, a friend asked her if she had ever considered getting into tattooing, given her design talent. This sparked an idea in Jackson, and she bought her first tattoo set later that week.

Since the fall, Jackson has created a Instagram account for tattoos, dolooinxand hopes to continue to gain experience with ink.

“I like to explore different things and head to places that will teach me more about art,” Jackson says. “Because art is not what people think it is; they think painting, drawing, you know, the basic stuff. But art is fashion, art is sculpture, art is people building structures – I just try to do whatever I can get my hands on.


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