Auburn stores take a look at fall fashion trends

While it’s not New York Fashion Week, the prettiest village on the plains still has trends to offer for the local fashion scene.

Auburn has one of the most competitive fashion merchandising programs in the country, ranked third in the south by, as well as a plethora of thriving downtown boutiques.

As the air cools and new trends arrive on the Plains, here’s what Auburn’s favorite boutiques are filling their shelves this fall.


Chloe Floyd, Managing Director of Behind the Glass, said that whether you prefer the real or the fake version, leather is the go-to choice for this fall. From trousers to jackets and bodysuits, the boutiques are full of this material.

Floyd said she expects the “graphic t-shirt and leather shorts” combination to be a hit on match day. Auburn as a whole has become “more and more trendy over the years,” Floyd said. Store owners believe this feature would stem from the national appeal of the fashion merchandising program.

All smocked:

While the boutiques collectively say Auburn may be getting bolder, they don’t think it will abandon traditional bestsellers just yet. Shelby Cohan, Managing Director and Purchaser of Charming Oaks, said the classic smocked waist skorts are “still very big.”

Cohan said the store is excited to bring new colors and textures to “tried and tested” items. Fans of texture are in luck, as Elisabet Sales Associate Katie Kendrick said, the trend is spreading to tops as well.

“The smocked details around the chest are really big right now,” Kendrick said.

Wide leg jeans:

The general consensus is that the fashion industry is experiencing a ’90s revival, and denim is no exception. “We see a lot of daddy jeans and aged jeans,” Floyd said. “The ’90s look is really back.

While several store representatives say the looser shape is eerily reminiscent of eras bygone days, others believe that wide-legged denim simultaneously manifests in a more polished shape. Keeping a wider leg, Cohan said the trend can also be seen as a “cropped flare” for a sleeker, more streamlined look.

Utility wear:

In keeping with the ’90s trends that boutique owners have been pushing this fall, Ingram Zuber, deputy director of Fab’rik, said utilitarian-inspired pieces will also make a comeback. Zuber said she believes this trend will show up in rompers and jumpsuits.

The monochrome utility look is “awesome right now,” Zuber said. Several shop representatives said the trend would extend to footwear as well, with combat boots leading the pack.

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories:

Boutique reps agree that the best outfits are never complete without a finishing touch, and this fall it’s all about jewelry. Colby Martin, sales associate at Ellie Clothing, said she’s seeing more and more people turning to on-trend jewelry this season.

It’s about “dressing up a basic outfit to make it stand out a bit,” Martin said.

Kenzie Saunders, sales associate at Therapy Boutique, said gold jewelry, in particular, will be huge this fall.

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