Avail and Kirby Collab clothing includes briefs and pajamas

Avail started selling Kirby collaborative items, such as pajamas and tote bags, from its physical locations in Japan. The website does not offer online shopping, although they may be available through services such as Rakuten. In total there are six different items, some of them having multiple designs. These are all items you would use around the house. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Due to the limited stock, you cannot purchase multiples of a particular type of item. For example, you can buy a pair of boxers next to a tote bag, but you can’t buy two pairs of boxers. All items are in bright pastel colors, featuring Kirby’s eponymous character.

Here is the full list of Kirby items sold at Avail, as well as the prices (taxes included):

  • Kirby Pajamas – 2530 JPY
  • Face Wash Headband – 990 JPY
  • Socks – 539 JPY
  • Tote bag – 1650 JPY
  • 3 pairs of socks – 850 JPY
  • Boxer – 649 JPY

Not only can you relax at home in Kirby fashion, but those in Japan also have the chance to eat Kirby-themed food. The Kirby Cafe has released new items for winter 2021, such as a Waddle Dee Burger with powdered snow cheese pasta. People who visit amusement centers can also use Kirby hand sanitizer to keep clean.

Avail sells its series of Kirby loungewear in its physical stores in Japan. He has not announced an end date for the collaboration.

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