Bel-Air’s Coco Jones is on top of 2022 fashion trends – just like Hilary Banks

Trends emerge, fade, and return with a vengeance faster than most people can keep up. But when they do, one thing is certain: everyone has an opinion. In Elite Daily’s Style IMHO series, we’ll provide you with the details, as well as not-so-humble opinions, on the viral style trends lighting up the internet. Below, Bel-Air Coco Jones star shares her views on the biggest fashion trends of 2022.

Now this is a story about how Coco Jones’ life was turned upside down when she was cast Bel-Airthe spectacular reboot of Peacock The prince of Bel-Air. Although the 24-year-old Def Jam Recordings artist already has plenty of acting credits to her name – including three Disney Channel productions (So random!, let it shineand Good luck Charlie) – Jones immediately felt #blessed to take on the role of Hilary Banks, the style icon created by Karyn Parsons in the classic 90s sitcom.

For fans of the original series, you’ll still see some of your favorite characters – like Will, Hilary and Carlton – the stories and overall plot come to life on the small screen. But unlike the Will Smith-led comedy, 2022 Bel-Air full of dramatic scenes. “[Laughter is] that’s not the main feeling you’ll get while watching the show,” Jones told Elite Daily after the series premiered on February 13. “But you’ll get relativity and you’ll get grit and truth and you’ll be on the edge of your seat, because it’s drama and it takes these characters and makes them interesting to modern audiences.”

Jones’ character background is also far more relevant to a Gen Z-focused audience than Parsons’ version. the The ’90s version of Hilary was a (not so great) meteorologist turned talk show host; the ’20 years Hilary is a social media influencer and aspiring chef. However, they both remain style stars.

Coco Jones as Hilary Banks Bel-Air

Courtesy of Peacock
Courtesy of Peacock
Courtesy of Peacock

Comparing Hilary’s style to his, Jones says they couldn’t be more different. “[Hilary] has many colors; it mixes a lot of patterns. I would say she’s bolder than me,” admits Jones. “I kind of like a simple look, like, if it makes sense to me, I’ll probably wear it; if it’s a little too risque, I’m like, ‘I don’t know.

Still, Jones tries to find common ground with her character, noting that while Hilary is more of a “risk taker”, playing her has taken Jones a step further outside of her comfort zone.

Given that Jones and Miss Banks clearly have a strong sense of style, the actor was more than ready to chat The biggest fashion trends of 2022 with me. I wanted to know what was a yes for her, a yes for Hilary or a definite no for both. Below, you’ll find Coco Jones’ hot spots on the biggest fashion and accessory trends of the year:


Jones is here for a good corset, as she lives for the “stitched look,” calling it “really aesthetically pleasing.” The Disney alum is also very confident about her body and wants to show it off. “I really go for outfits that show off my shape in some way,” she says. “I train at the gym […] I’m not doing this just to hide it in baggy clothes.

Large pants

According to Jones, wide leg pants are “really hot right now”. Although she’s surprised the trend has come back so strongly, she’s not complaining. “Sometimes I do baggy, oversized jeans. More oversized on the bottom so the sneaker can have that cool look, with the pants draped over it,” she explains. The singer is also into 70s-style flares. *assiduously takes notes*


There’s a time and a place for velvet, and summer is not one of them. “I like velvet, [but] it is a warm fabric. I definitely don’t want to be in the sun in velvet,” Jones says. At any other time of the year, it’s gone. “I think it gives an expensive, chic look to an outfit,” she says. “Me and Hilary both like to look expensive.”

Platform shoes

While you can find the Spice Girls era trend in every shoe shape possible (i.e. platform sneakers, platform loafers, platform boots) these days, this is not for everyone. “Personally, I like thin heels,” Jones says. “I think it’s harder for me to get the balance right with a wedge heel. I favor simplicity, so [a skinny heel] just makes more sense to me. Although she admits that the platforms are “cute”, she feels like she would be too self-conscious to make them work for her. “I would say, ‘Does it go together? Is it too much? I do not know.’ So no.”

Low rise bottom

Christian Vierig/Contributor/Getty Images

Jones is also not a fan of low-rise jeans or low-rise bottoms in general. “I don’t like them,” she said. “I always do a crop top, so I don’t know. I just feel like there’s a lot of imbalance with that little top and the super low cut jeans. But even though it’s not her favorite, she agrees that “it’s a look, for sure.”

Luminous bags

Neon is the moment right now. After giving several yeses to the brightly colored bags, Jones says, “A good pop of color is perfect on a simple outfit for me.” His Bel-Air the character would take it to another level. “Hilary would probably make a brightly colored bag that would go perfectly with all the other colors in her outfit,” she says. “She comes, she does it better. However, I learn from her. But we both love a good, brightly colored bag.

Bra Tops

Wear one bra as going out top surged in the summer of 2021, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Jones’ take: It depends on the bra. “It’s a matter of coverage for me,” she says. “I would wear a bra as a top if it didn’t look like a bra, you know? It’s more chic than a literal bra that goes under your clothes.

Floral Bucket Hats

Bucket hats made a comeback in late 2020/early 2021, with fashion queens like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid all wearing them proudly on casual days around town. With spring 2022 on the horizon, bobs continue to make their way into street style – except this time they’re floral. Survey says? “For me, that’s going to be a no,” Jones says. “I’m not really a hat girl. […] If I’m a hat girl, it’s not a bucket.

bodycon jumpsuits

Tight catsuits are a big yes for the stylish star. “Oh honey. Love, love, love, love, love,” Jones exclaims. an entire outfit.” Putting together a bunch of pieces is like, ‘Oh, dang it. I don’t have time for that,” she said. “But a good catsuit? Yes, that’s what I’m here for.

Preppy Style

If you were a fan of the OG fresh prince, then you know Carlton Banks took the preppy style and ran with it. He practically lived in argyle sweaters and polo shirts. Now that sweater vests and the like have made a comeback in 2022, do they get Carlton’s new on-screen sister stamp of approval? “Argyle sweater, cute. It’s cute as a dress, for me. I’d love it with a high boot,” Jones says, adding, “It gives, like, cute schoolgirl chic. You like it.”

Bel-Air airs new episodes every Thursday on Peacock. Stay tuned for Coco Jones’ debut single in March 2022.

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