Best spring fashion trends of 2021 – plus 15 ways to style your hair

Around the same time last year, we were stocking our spring wardrobes with cute versions of comfy basics, like sweatpants and slippers, as we strapped in and settled in at home. Now, while most of us are still at home, our outlook (and our plans for the upcoming season) is much more upbeat and the styles we see picking up our Instagram feeds reflect that.

For anyone looking to take their style up a notch this spring, you’re in luck. Eva chen, Fashion Partnerships Manager at Instagram, joined the show to share the season’s biggest trends. From jewelry designed to last through many summer adventures to colorful wardrobe basics, she shows off all the fashionable ways to deal with rising temperatures. And to help show off how to style looks at home, Chen took inspiration from some of Instagram’s top trendsetters who are style masters themselves.

Whether you want to take your home manicure a step further or take it back to the year 2000 with a new hair accessory, here’s how to style some of spring’s biggest trends.

Monochrome mix

Bold colors are back this spring and you’ll find plenty of inspiration for the running trend. Nnenna jones Instagram. She’s not afraid of a bright statement piece, and you can often find her by mixing different tones. Try the trend by mixing different shades of the same or similar colors, like a light pastel with a bold hue.

Old Navy Luxe Tie-Dye V-Neck Tee

Green is the color of the season, so you’ll have several trends covered with this outfit. In addition to the combination below, this t-shirt can be worn with leggings for comfy WFH days or with your favorite jeans for brunch.

Old Navy High-Rise Tapered Poplin Joggers

Do you immediately think of the bulky pants and heavy pockets from your childhood when you hear the phrase “cargo pants”? Style hasn’t always been known to be the most fashionable, but this pair may make you reconsider your take. These jogging pants have a slim fit and high waist, which offers a flattering silhouette. Plus, they’re available in regular, tall, and petite sizes to fit a range of sizes.

Go-H20 Water Resistant Hooded Utility Jacket Old Navy

April showers bring May flowers. And while you wait for the flowers, you’ll need a good water-resistant jacket to go with you on rainy days. This one has a breathable mesh lining and a quick-drying shell to keep you well protected.

Madewell MWL Betterterry Hoodie

You can never have too many classic hoodies and this one is made from MWL Betterterry, a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, so it’s perfect for sustainable shoppers.

Madewell The Perfect Vintage Military Shorts

With an A-line shape and high waist, these bestselling shorts fit exactly like your favorite pair of worn denim. Customers say they fit a little tall, so you may want to consider ordering a size down.

Mum + me correspondent

Pairing never goes out of style and no one knows it better than Chen herself, who posted a a few corresponding moments with her daughter on her Instagram. While there are plenty of ways to match it with your little one, right now we’re seeing matching cardigan sets and pajamas among the top styles.

Hill House The Nap Dress + The Little Nap Dress

The cozy housecoat that hit the internet last year is now available in matching styles for moms and their little ones. Tyke-sized versions start at $ 75 and both styles come in three colors like Navy, Bubblegum Stripe, and Blue Botanical. Part nightgown, part dress, you and your child will want to wear yours for cozy movie nights, afternoons at the park, and just about anywhere in between.

Return of hair clips

Out of all the Y2K trends making a comeback this year (and there are a lot of them), this one is super exciting, just because it’s so functional. The clips can be used to hold your hair back for a workout or to add a fun element to your bun. Mathilde Djerf, model and founder of clothing brand Djerf Avenue, showed how she cuts her long mane into a polished bun using a chunky glittering claw clip on Instagram. Watch her quick tutorial, then master the styling with one of these on-trend clips.

Wild Fable Butterfly Clip and Hairpin Set

Editor’s note: Chen’s choice is exhausted, but we found this option similar.

This six-piece set includes three nail clips and three bobby pins, to suit any style. Available in matching pinks or matching blues, you can choose one or both sets, so you’ll have the option to pair it with every outfit.

Urban Outfitters Bandana Mini Claw Clip Set

The best things come in pairs, and these cute bandana print clips certainly do. Incorporate them both into your bun or keep a single clip in your bag, so you always have one on hand when you need to quickly pull your hair out of your face.

Butterfly claw clip Urban Outfitters

With a marbled finish, this butterfly claw clip will add a stylish touch to your sleek pony or simple braid.

Laura mini claw clip set urban outfitters

Kids will love wearing these pastel clips in their hair and adults too. Can we suggest another mom and me pairing time? Each set comes with three clips, so there’s a lot to share.

Modern French manicure

Aviva atri, a designer and ‘self-proclaimed nail artist’ proved that French manicures are anything but basic when she released a reel featuring her colorful take on the classic style. Other designers can be seen experimenting with similar twists, adding bright spring colors and funky designs to their fingernail tips.

Olive & June The Spring Set

Whether you want to try out the new style with just one color or add a different shade to each nail, you’ll have plenty of options for your at-home French manicure with this set. It includes six spring-ready colors and Olive & June’s super glossy topcoat to deliver long-lasting shine.

Olive & June The Poppy

This tool will make applying these French manicure tips so much easier. The poppy attaches to the top of the nail polish bottle to provide a more comfortable grip and give you more control for more stable, even strokes.

Color Camp at Home Super Gel

New to home manicure? You can always change your style without going to the salon with these easy-to-apply gels. Choose your base and accent colors and your gels will be made to order and sized to fit your hands. All you need to do is polish, apply glue, and press down on the gels.

Water resistant jewelry

Durable and affordable are not two words you often hear together when it comes to jewelry. But this trend proves that this is not always the case. Influencer Sarah weidacher showed how stylish a raincoat set can be in a recent Instagram reel, in which she called Hey Harper’s raincoat collection the “perfect summer gem.”

Hey Harper Nassau Gold Necklace

Even with all the beach trips and afternoon poolside afternoons you’ve got planned for this spring and summer, this necklace won’t rust or lose its color. It is made of a durable material and a thick coating that helps protect jewelry from water, sweat and more.

Ellie Vail Miley Earring

Editor’s note: Chen’s choice is exhausted, but we found this option similar.

According to the brand, all of Ellie Vail’s jewelry requires little maintenance. Plus, since it’s hypoallergenic, you won’t have to worry about irritating your skin at night when you forget to take the cuff off. “[I] wear it during errands on certain days or even when I go out with my friends and wear it for hours and haven’t had any issues, ”wrote one reviewer.

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