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Guwahati: The well-known tattoo artist and now a fashionpreneur has also shown his excellence with industry-leading collaborations.

The kind of success and level of momentum that a few individuals and professionals are creating for themselves in their respective industries across the world cannot simply be attributed to the advent of technology, which has made many things simpler. and more practical. One cannot pass without crediting the immense passion and relentless hard work of a few individuals, who have made every effort to live their dreams, while inspiring the world through their work and travels, just like Brando Chiesa with his couture and clothing brand by his name “Brando Chiesa” (@brando__xoxo) has made it into the fashion world.

Born in 1987, he always had artistic skills in him and therefore also studied in an art high school. Drawings, illustrations, concept art, etc. have always intrigued him the most, which eventually led him to become a tattoo artist and illustrator in Florence, Italy. Today, the kind of success he has garnered for himself as a tattoo artist serving even celebrities and prominent names has sent waves of inspiration and motivation to other budding talented beings in the industry. . His effortless transition into the fashion world led him to be known as a burgeoning fashionpreneur with his fashion brand Brando Chiesa. He has already made several well-known collaborations with different brands and industry events to up the fashion game in the world through his artistic visions in the designs.

Her recent collaboration was with Revenant RV NT, which stunned everyone at Milan Fashion Week (MFW). Together, they produced the Fall Winter 2022.23 collection with a video and a lookbook as part of the prestigious fashion event. Brando Chiesa has teamed up with the famous sportswear brand with the Fashion Nightmare collection. He brings a video shot in the woods in the image of horror films, which has become the setting for the brand’s clothing window. In this collection, the fashionpreneur presented two new versions of his brand’s symbolic chain, one where brambles and wolf teeth intertwine, drawing inspiration from dark culture, and the other with two comical girls. and a skull imagined by him.

It was a fashion affair to remember, where everyone praised Brando Chiesa (@brandochiesa) and his brand’s work.

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