Brooklyn Style Foundation Hosts Fashion Accessory Design Contest

The Brooklyn Style Foundation is holding its first-ever fashion accessory design competition where contestants will create a fashion accessory that solves a problem with our current situation.

This competition is open to high school students across the country. Part of the impulse to have a competition like this was because of everything the country is going through right now and the ability of teens to create change.

Rob Price, who has been a board member of the Brooklyn Style Foundation since this summer, said founder Rick Davy is really focused on supporting the community and building development programs.

“With what has happened with both the pandemic and the state of things, there are so many challenges that it felt like these young creative talents could meet those challenges with their designs,” Price said.

The Brooklyn Style Foundation’s mission is to help emerging and underprivileged designers develop their talent and grow their businesses, and to provide a professional forum to showcase their creations alongside other emerging designers from around the world. This concerns the competition since emerging designers will be able to show their talent in front of judges.

Examples of two possible submissions include jewelry that can take her temperature or a purse that contains hand sanitizer for quick access. The range of accessories can include shoes, glasses, jewelry, and handbags.

The competition consists for the students to design a prop that is both prospective in the problem it solves and achievable.

They wanted the submissions to be props instead of an overall outfit because that way they can be more focused on problem solving.

The deadline for students to submit their prop designs was September 25 and the winners will be announced on October 11.

“This is a great opportunity for them to win cash prizes that are offered to them and to have the potential for these (the accessories) to be produced as samples and even to walk the runway at the fashion show. Brooklyn, ”Price said.

Contest winners will be presented and announced in time for Brooklyn Fashion Week in October. They predict that the accessories will actually be incorporated and incorporated into Fashion Week in April.

The designs can be conceptual or functional in their execution, but only the well thought-out idea will be submitted to the competition. High school students must have the submission signed by a consenting adult (parent, teacher or principal.

The Brooklyn Style Foundation Contest is looking for any aspiring designer in Grades 9-12. They can submit or work on their idea via a sketch, napkin doodle, prototype, or any other medium that works best for them to illustrate the concept they come up with. Price sees as many candidates as possible based on the tools they have.

“There is such an incredible talent pool,” Price said. With YouTube and social media, many of these young creatures are able to learn and be creative with a lot more resources than 10 years ago. We wanted to welcome all potential fashion designers so that we could submit ideas.

Young designers are invited to submit the drawing, rendering or prototype, with information explaining the chosen design along with the rest of the application. The competition application is available at:

The Brooklyn Style Foundation is a nonprofit founded in 2004 as a platform for Brooklyn’s explosive creative talent. Brooklyn Fashion Week has been around for this long, showcasing young talent.

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