With spring approaching, we predict the fashion trends you can expect to see *everywhere* once the warmer weather arrives. It’s time to swap the puffer jacket for cut-out dresses, micro-mini-skirts and layered sweaters. It was only recently that we said goodbye to the year that saw the rise and fallRead More →

Winter is not often considered the most fashionable season. It’s hard not to fall into the routine of wearing the same dark jeans and gray cashmere sweaters day after day outside of New Year’s and holiday outfits. But this year, we can’t wait to add some extra style to ourRead More →

Alyssa Wright, fashion designer, curator and owner of Rocky Vintage, works on a lace dress. Abra Richardson Sustainability has been at the forefront of consumer concerns as vintage fashion has seen a resurgence during the pandemic. The Chicago fashion world has seen a transformation from recycling fabrics from runways toRead More →

Here’s a list of fashion trends that TikTok says are set to become a thing in 2022: balletcore, royalcore, regency, sleazy indie, soft grunge 2014, twee, russian babe“pre-apocalypse” and his cousin dystopiacore, new space age, circa 2006 Diesel, balaclavas, clowncore, Hyper Generation Z, bellhopcore, skirts over pants, The resurgence ofRead More →

Nostalgic for economic distress, Gen Z found solace in the 90s and early 2000s. They revived four subcultures: Y2K, indie sleaze, old money and twee. Nostalgic fashion is now shaping consumer behavior as brands and shoppers respond to Gen Z trends. Fashion trends may come and go, but their cyclesRead More →

Last summer, I interned for a nonprofit fashion magazine that worked on small business integration in Indianapolis. I’m not a particularly trendy person. However, because of this brief job, I’m far too confident in thinking that I know what’s trending. There are a lot of current trends, mostly micro-trends –Read More →

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As POPSUGAR editors, we independently curate and write things we love and think you’ll love too. If you purchase a product that we have recommended, we may receive an affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work. In the midst of unprecedented weather (sigh), the only predictions we can makeRead More →

Insider spoke with stylists and designers about what they think the next big fashion trends will be. They said 2022 will bring more wide pants and loose denim to replace skinny jeans. Others pointed to the bright colors and durable clothing options that are on the rise. Loading Something isRead More →

You don’t have to sacrifice warmth and comfort in the name of fashion. For winter 2021-2022, designers have found ways to style the most comfortable pieces, like puffer jackets and leggings. Not overly complicated or fussy, this winter’s trends are all about adaptability. Whether you’re on the holiday party circuitRead More →

“I think the tie-dye has had its day and should leave the room now. “Shoes mainly made of PVC: no one needs to see your feet sweat. “Clothes deliberately designed for small breasts. Those of us who pack heat understand why. Nakkiah Lui, actor and writer When Harper’s Bazaar magazineRead More →

By Erin Foley Hottytoddy Fashion Contributor In the Ole Miss fashion world, 2021 has absolutely been a trending year. I believe in finding your personal style rather than going with all the trends, but sometimes you have to follow a few to figure out what works best for you. HereRead More →

Fashion trends came full circle in 2021. We started the year on lockdown thanks to Covid-19 restrictions, which continued to propel the loungewear boom of 2020. While restrictions on Stores, services, hospitality, and non-essential events started to ease from April, however, consumers flocked to celebrate with a second-hand clothing revival.Read More →

Bracelets have become quite fashionable recently, from chunky gold rings to rustic leather bands, bracelets are popping up everywhere and becoming very popular with younger generations. But why do men wear bracelets? Men’s style and fashion trends for 2022 – Presented by HARD NEW YORK Fashion accessories for everyone WhatRead More →