Chirpy and chic sunset hues are in | fashion trends

Attractive, bright, colorful and cheerful, sunset hues are totally a summer vibe. From Prada’s coral red dresses to Alexander McQueen’s ruffled off-the-shoulder dresses in burnt orange and Louis Vuitton’s tiered bag in sunset tones, the collections for Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks were all about them. Even designers like Versace and brands like The Attico adorn themselves with twilight hues.

Our desi celebrities also walked the streets in canary, marigold and crimson. No wonder these warm hues are must-haves this season.

These are on-trend colors perfect for any time of the day. Nature has always been a major source of inspiration for fashion, and designers are now incorporating this very specific palette into their collections. Whether you’re heading out for lunch with friends or heading out for a night out, these bright shades conjure up an elegant summer saga.

These shades are a transition between fall and the approaching summer and are a perfect choice for people looking to revive their wardrobe by jumping from the darkness of winters to the subtlety of approaching sunny weather.

Designers Gautam Gupta and Renessa Rastogi tell us how to nail sunset hues

When wearing colors in sunset tones, keep other elements neutral. If you’re inspired by a bold and fiery sunset, you can fill your wardrobe with warm oranges and reds. If you prefer a lighter and less intense sunset, you can choose from pastel colors. Pair it with metallic accessories, especially in gold color, which would enhance the look. A perfect combo for summers is pairing an orange colored shirt with a lemon yellow skirt. If you’re heading to work, pair your sunset-colored top with a white blazer.

Keep makeup very simple. Metallic gold eyeshadow or liner against minimal foundation would look great. If you don’t like bronzer, you can use the tint only on your eyes – lightly dusted for day wear or blended well for a smoky look for a night out. Leave the lips bare.

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