Clothing design by tattoo artists wins Australian Fashion Week


FLORENCECS – Jeremicheal Wright is a tattoo artist who owns a GBMS tattoo shop and also designs clothing. Her work was featured in a winning Australian Fashion Week collection.

Years ago in New York, Wright designed a jacket for rising Australian designer Samantha Saint James. She asked Wright to make her a jacket and ended up using his piece in her catalog in an Australian Fashion Week competition.

“After I won, she found me and told me she used my design on her show,” Wright said. “Just to see work from all those years ago come back and put in the spotlight is really awesome.”

James was given a photo op in an Australian magazine showcasing his collection and Wright’s clothes were featured. Wright said James gets calls from Gucci for collaborations and he’s amazed something like this happened with his clothes. The sky is the limit, he says.

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Wright said her artwork was based on positivity and self-expression. His works are often based on the mantras of the three monkeys: see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. He puts his personal touch on each garment based on the mantras.

Clothing design was Wright’s first love. Before thinking of becoming a tattoo artist, he designed clothes. When he was a young boy, his mother created a barn for him to design clothes because he was doing so much artwork in the house that the house felt like a creative explosion.

“She built the barn in the backyard so I could express myself and be creative freely,” Wright said. “Before I even thought about tattooing, I was doing art on clothes, shoes, jeans and jackets.”

Wright said neighbors, friends and people he knew often wore the clothes he made. This passion of a young boy never stopped and only grew. Wright said he had a brief moment of stagnation because he was focused on tattooing, but the recent highlight of his talent prompted him to return to designing clothes.

Wright’s mother is one of his biggest cheerleaders and she always told him that his talent would make him a star, but Wright didn’t believe it until now. “She always told me to keep doing what I’m doing,” he said. “She always had the vision.”

Wright’s work is different and he doesn’t work in lines. He is a designer off the beaten track. He has his hands free and lets his creativity take over without thinking too much. He believes that is what makes him successful.

“From making clothes to tattooing, I’m not a go-to,” Wright said. “In an old tattoo shop they called me a dangerous tattoo artist because I would be inspired and the tattoo would become what it was meant to be.”

Free and unrestrained, this is how Wright creates and lives. He describes himself as a free spirit and encourages others not to be limited by other people’s opinions and to be himself.

Art is what Wright lives for and he’s still into it, whether it’s tattooing, painting his house, or wrapping his cars. His tattoo shop, GBMS (God Bless My Success), takes up Wright’s time, and his brother has encouraged him to remember to design clothes. He said his brother’s advice and the highlight of Australian Fashion Week are a sign not to neglect his talents and use everything he has.

Wright said he declared himself rich and created a brand called Rich of Art because he was rich in soul.

“I’m rich because I’m happy,” Wright said. “It’s not about how much money I make. It’s about freedom and being able to live my life and do what I love.

To be rich is to be healthy and happy, he said. Wright said he had millionaire friends and people he had met with great wealth, but had yet to meet anyone as happy or content with life as he was.

“They’re not as happy as me,” Wright said. “But they have the money. It’s about waking up in the morning with enthusiasm to tackle the day and if you don’t feel like it, you have to keep looking.

For the past 13 years, Wright said, he has been able to live freely because his art allows him to travel and tattoo various people, some of whom are celebrities, design for people and do what he loves.

“I make my own schedule and I can support my family,” Wright said. “I can spend as much time as I want with my daughter and those things make me rich.”

Wright and his younger brother are both artists and have a close relationship. They encourage each other to create art and give their best. It was Wright’s brother who encouraged him to take up tattooing and continue his talent as a clothing designer.

“My brother always said you can’t stop doing what you started doing,” Wright said. “And with Samantha believing in the piece I did, it was a sign for me to get back into it.”

“My brother is one of my biggest influences when it comes to art,” he said.

“He always encouraged me,” Wright said. “When the TV show ‘Black Ink’ aired, it put into the universe that I was able to do something like this.”

Shortly after, his brother said that Wright had started tattooing and opened a shop. The two hope to create art together that will last a lifetime. They call each other “twins” even though they are two years apart.

Wright hopes her art can inspire the community and young people to be themselves. He’s also an AAU basketball coach, and kids are always intrigued by his animated cars and the creative clothes he wears. He is proud to inspire the younger generation to challenge the status quo and beat his own drum.

“I want kids to know there’s money in art,” Wright said. “You can make a living out of it, and I want my shop and the way I live my life to be an example.”

God Bless My Success is the name of his tattoo shop and also the name of his other brand. He incorporates God into what he has done and says he never imagined he could make a living from his art. He worked for 13 years in a factory and is now living his dream of living off his talent.

“I didn’t think I would make art and make a living out of it,” Wright said. “It still blows my mind.”

Wright wants to be a brand that everyone wears. He wants to walk down the street and see people wearing his brand, GBMS.

“I know it will happen one day,” he said. Wright said everything takes time and he wants to meticulously craft the vision for the clothing line before launching.

“I want to take my time and put it in a good way,” he said. “I don’t want it to be just an ordinary brand. I want it to be very creative and unique. The one who stands out in the crowd. Wright plans to go to Australia to collaborate with James on other clothing designs, but he doesn’t plan to stay there. Wright wants the younger generation to know that you don’t have to leave Florence to be successful.

“You don’t have to go somewhere and uproot your whole life to be successful,” Wright said. “Everything I’ve done so far, I’ve done from here. My daughter is here, my family is here and the kids I’m coaching are here. I’m not leaving.

Wright has no formal artistic training and all of his designs come from the heart and soul. He dreamed of going to college, Savannah Art and Design in particular, but he didn’t have the grades to attend, and he pushes his students to do well in school and uses this lesson to teach that talent. is good, but if you don’t have the package, you won’t be able to go anywhere.

“I thought I was going in because I was talented,” Wright said. “I needed more than talent and that’s what I teach the kids I coach.”

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