Discover K fashion trends, sites to take your wardrobe to the next level


Korean fashion and street style are all the rage right now. From their creative color blocks to stylish (and sometimes extravagant) idol outfits, Korean brands are catching the world’s attention. Korean fashion offers a range of affordable and stylish outfits suitable for all occasions. Use this article as a guide for the best of the best places to shop, divided by different buying priorities.

The most budget conscious

Codibook has an almost astounding amount of clothing on their site. The clothes are affordable but do not compromise on quality. The company offers everything from shoes to pants to accessories, along with fairly frequent deals and discounts.

If you are looking for more than K-fashion without emptying your pockets, Lianox is the perfect site for you! Shipping costs can make an attractive shopping cart look rotten — especially with international shipping — but Lianox offers free shipping in most cases. The clothes are cute, affordable, and (most importantly) good quality.

Most inclusive sizes

As a rather heavy person, Asian fashion has always been intimidating to say the least. Sizes run extremely small and it can be harder for taller women to find the styles they like. When I found these two websites, I was thrilled that some of my favorite fashion trends were available in sizes I could wear!

jstyle specializes in making plus size women’s clothing with all the latest fashion trends – so you’ll never miss the new look. Jstyle is a bit pricey, but it is known as a plus size women’s shopping space in Korea.

hot is the most comprehensive Korean clothing website I have seen so far. Its website is easy to navigate, especially for foreigners, so orders are processed without a hitch.

Great for basics

I’m someone who loves big, bold pieces, like a cool cardigan or a slightly obnoxious blazer. But I found that I lacked the basics to combine such spectacular pieces. Kooding offers a variety of basic products, and although some of its products are more expensive, I highly recommend it. Some dropshipping websites tend to compromise on quality for cheaper clothes, but Kooding doesn’t tend to fall into that camp.

Chuu is another great website for elegant yet simple basics. Her style ranges from “cottagecore” dresses to simple jackets. This gives any fashion lover a wide range of options to choose from.

The most varied

YesStyle is a favorite among K-fashion lovers. With its huge variety of men’s and women’s clothing, constant deals, new arrivals, and extensive skincare section, it’s no wonder that almost everyone I know owns at least one piece of clothing from YesStyle.

Although the website offers a wide variety of clothing, the quality can be hit or miss. Many of her clothes are of poor quality, and I even received the wrong product or received the wrong size in my order. If you order from YesStyle, be sure to read the reviews and descriptions of each product very carefully before purchasing anything.

The most for your money

Blackup’s clothes will leave you 10 times cooler. Known for their jeans, Blackup offers a variety of chic clothes for all occasions. The brand absolutely doesn’t skimp on quality or style, which makes Blackup’s mid-range prices well worth your money. Her lookbooks tell you how to style the pieces, making it easy to pull off that special top or that cool pair of earrings.

Lewkin is a site for which I personally have a lot of praise. Her catalog is smaller than some of the other sites mentioned here, but her clothes are very well made. Every item I have ordered from Lewkin has fitted me well and has been of high quality. It has a good selection of Korean brands and sections under $10 and $20 to keep things affordable.

Great for idol fashion

Anyone who follows K-pop, even remotely, knows that idols have impeccable style. Many people want to dress like their favorite idols, and mixxmix has a designated K-pop style section, which makes it popular for K-pop stans. It also offers a wide range of basics, streetwear and trendy pieces.

Chingu Fashion specifically sells idol fashion. The website separates by artist and shows a reference photo of the idol wearing the advertised garment. Its products are more expensive (for some items), but it’s well known for partnering with influencers – so you’re likely to find a discount code.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe, consider turning to Korean fashion for both your inspirations and your next shopping spree – you’re bound to find something on one of these sites, whatever your tastes. styling needs.

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