Dunfermline: Children’s Clothing Bank celebrates its two years

THE Dunfermline children’s clothing bank celebrated its second anniversary this week.

The charity helped 216 families in West Fife last year, but says its efforts are a stark reminder that families are still going through tough times.

Mary-Grace Smith, one of the charity’s trustees, said it had been a busy year.

“The summer months are usually our quietest time, however, this summer has been quite busy for us, which we take as a sign of a restless fall and winter ahead,” he said. she stated.

“We don’t need to say it, but the cost of living crisis is real and affecting every household.”

Over the past year, the Clothing Bank has provided 404 parcels of clothing to 199 girls and 205 boys – 216 families – in the Dunfermline area.

Of these, 43% were for preschoolers, 38% for primary school children and 18% for teenagers.

“We simply couldn’t have done this without the generosity of the people of Dunfermline who continually provide us with mountains of pre-loved clothing, and when we desperately ask for specific items or age groups, the community rises to the challenge. every time,” Marie-Grâce said.

“Each recommendation costs us an average of £27. The costs we incur include packaging to present gift parcels of clothes, new underwear and socks in each bag, clothes we had to buy when we ran out of stock, and shopping vouchers when shoes are requested. We also provide clothing vouchers for teenagers.

“Thanks to careful planning, we are quite confident that we are ready to provide support to families during the difficult months ahead. However, at the same time, we are preparing for a potential increase in clothing requests.”

The annual running costs of the organization currently stand at around £11,000. Run entirely by volunteers, all money goes to charity with grants and fundraising opportunities in addition to donations.

Mary-Grace added: “Just recently we received £1,000 from the Yorkshire Building Society Charitable Foundation specifically to buy a school uniform.

“We have also developed a wonderful relationship with a group of S3 pupils from St Columba’s High School who are part of the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) project. They have already won £2,750 for the clothing bank through the YPI and are continuing their efforts. fundraising on our behalf by hosting a sponsored run in September.

“As we enter our third year, we are also fortunate to continue our partnership with the Stephen’s Foundation, who are generously providing us with free use of our Chalmers Street premises.”

Any parent or carer in need of help is encouraged to speak to their health visitor, social worker, school or the Dunfermline social support team.

If you are a support worker working with a family and would like to make a referral, contact the charity via their Facebook page.

The Children’s Clothing Bank is currently accepting donations for specific clothing, details of this can be found on their Facebook page along with their opening hours.

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