Earth Week celebrations will include a thrift store of ephemera – Mosaic

By: Amanda Valentine | Chief Editor

A second-hand clothing pop-up organized by students will take place on the first floor of Gerety Hall this Tuesday, April 19 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Salve Regina students, faculty, and staff will have the opportunity to get involved in Earth Week by engaging in a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to shopping for fast fashion clothing.

“I myself was guilty of ordering clothes from unsustainable companies,” said Samantha Parsons, 23, the event’s lead organizer. “This can be very difficult to avoid when you are a student on a budget and want to buy fashionable clothes at low prices… In an attempt to change my behavior, for the past year I have been buying only from small shops or second-hand, but I recognize my privilege to do so… With my event, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn about textile waste and also to be able to shop without guilt.

The event will be chargeable, either $1 or $50. All proceeds from the event will be used to sponsor local children to attend YMCA summer camp, giving children the opportunity to connect with island nature. All leftover clothing from the event will be donated to Rogers High School, so their students will also have access to free, sustainable clothing.

“One thing that was really important to me was that this event was zero waste,” said Parsons, who majors in biology with a concentration in environmental science and minors in chemistry. “The last thing I wanted to do was sponsor an Earth Week event and end up producing a ton of trash.”

Clothes have been collected from members of the Salve community over the past few weeks. Attendees can expect a range of quality finds, especially those well-suited to the warm weather ahead as well as business casual pieces that can otherwise be very expensive.

A thrift store lover herself, Parsons admitted that “it took a lot of strength not to claim some of the items that were donated.”

In addition to clothing, Seahawk Radio will be present to host a vinyl exchange. Slim Possible has donated free tea which will be available from 10 p.m. to noon for anyone who brings their own cup, and all students who register for the event will be entered into a raffle for a gift card to Sprout and Lentil, a vegan restaurant in Middletown.

Parsons thanked Dyanna Moreira, Director, and Santiago Durango, Deputy Director of Programming, both of the Office of Student Engagement for their time, support and guidance in organizing the event. She also thanked the Office of Mission Integration, Mary Beth Pelletier and Cassidy Curry, ’23, for their assistance.

“I want to thank everyone who donated!” she added. “I can’t wait for Tuesday, and I hope to see you there!”

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