Equinox and Birkenstocks: seasonal fashion trends in British Columbia

Clothing is one of the first looks at one’s identity. He can speak a non-verbal language that reflects your passions, sometimes an occasion, and in many cases the season.

At Boston College, fashion trends tend to coincide with unpredictable New England weather. Whether you like thrift or high-end retail, the weather transitions that occur throughout the college year call for similar transitions in student clothing.

Outerwear: windbreakers and denim jackets to Canada Goose parkas and bombers

On a windy day in the fall semester, it’s not uncommon to spot someone walking around the Quad in a windbreaker. What I see most often are the variations of a brown BC windbreaker. The chests of these windbreakers have our university name or logo on a brown background – it’s a beauty.

If windbreakers aren’t for you, chances are you have a denim jacket somewhere in your closet. Otherwise, no worries. A brown or gray BC hoodie should suffice for chills in the New England breeze.

Unfortunately, as Christmas break and the spring semester arrive, Gasson’s beloved sunsets turn into chilly walks to classes and snowy weekends. That’s when the heavy and glamorous Canada Goose parkas and bomber jackets make their long-awaited debut.

If a North Face, Patagonia or another brand suits your style better, kudos to you. Originality is the perfect sign of a BC student who just doesn’t want to fall for the trends we see on campus. For my part, I go against the grain and refuse to wear the stereotypical black Canada Goose parka that everyone has. Mine is blue.

From Birkenstocks to UGGs

Well, well, if that’s not another BC student wearing a pair of Birkenstocks on a hot Tuesday afternoon. Yes, I’m talking about people who wear Birkenstocks with jeans, shorts, dresses and – my favorite – chinos.

Whether you’re on Team Arizona Soft Footbed or Team Boston Clog, your Birkenstocks are another example of what BC students like to wear to class in early fall and late spring. spring.

When the weather changes, so do your shoes. Birkenstocks may make you look cool, but they certainly won’t keep you warm. The favorite shoe then moves on to UGGs. Short, mini or tall, UGGs are probably the reason your toes stay warm in winter.

I recommend the Tasmans – they’re the perfect slippers to throw on for picking up your mozzarella sticks at Late Night in the Rat or running to your two-and-a-half hour lecture in Stokes.

Dad hats with rolled up cups

Dad hats — your traditional baseball cap — are a key accessory that often accompanies BC students to football games in the fall. Wear them backwards like you’re part of BC’s non-existent fraternity or forward like a dad flipping burgers on the grill, your dad hat should never be left behind.

When football season ends and the UV Index stays consistently below two, the dad hats hide. Suddenly, from the bottom of each drawer, a cap pops up. Most guys between the ages of 18 and 23 seem to be wearing their beanies folded over and sitting above their ears. Sure, your ears are frozen, but you look cool, and that’s what matters.

Trips to Newbury and Prudential Center for online shopping

Who doesn’t love a trip on the Green Line to Newbury or Prudential Center at the weekend? At the start of the year, you’ll see throngs of students lining up at Aritzia, Lululemon, Vineyard Vines, Nike, and many other stores BC students love. If you’re lucky enough to get into Zara before your 90th birthday, chances are you’ll run into someone you know.

As the seasons change, however, the excitement that comes with fun trips around the city wanes. Now you’re at home browsing online retailers for a pair of cargo pants you saw someone wearing on TikTok.

The walk to the green line suddenly seems so far away, and your blanket now hugs your body like your BC Marriage Pact match ever could. But with online shopping, you’ll be wearing the latest pieces for the upcoming spring season in no time.

Air Force 1 and The Dudes with Shorts

While we’ve looked at several trends that change with the seasons, there are a few key pieces in a BC student’s wardrobe that stay put no matter the weather. For example, rain, snow, hail or sun, you will always see people wearing white Air Force 1s. Call them uptowns, call them g-fazos, call them your drummers. Air forces will never go out of style.

Frankly, now is the time to address the elephant in the room. Yes, guys in shorts, whatever the weather. I know you have seen them. They walk past you in shorts and a sweater while you’re bundled up. You think of turning around to see if your eyes haven’t deceived you. No, you’re right, and yes, he’s wearing shorts.

Wear what makes you happy

While fashion trends are great to document and even emulate, I encourage you all to never feel the need to fit in.

Everyone has different tastes and styles. It is this diversity that makes fashion so interactive and unique. No matter what you put on in the morning or before a gathering, make sure you don’t forget the accessory that completes every outfit: a smile.

Trends Editor,

Steven Javier Dumeng

Featured Graphic by Liz Schwab/Editor

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