Fall 2021 fashion trends: 13 winter looks and how to wear them

Although we have felt like we have been in the heart of fall for several months now thanks to our marked summer absence, the season Actually launched three weeks ago. And while we might have been waiting for some late sunshine, now that we’ve officially given up on that dream, we’re actually very happy to be enjoying the cozy season.

Always one step ahead – or more precisely one season ahead – fashion fans, buyers and publishers have their eyes set on Fall / Winter 2021 since the major fashion houses presented their seasonal showcase in February as part of Fashion Week AW21. .

Of course, at the time, with the pandemic still at its peak, it was a very different matter. But after dipping their well-dressed toes into the world of “digital presentations” and “social distancing leads” in September before presenting the SS21 collections, February saw a more confident and well-prepared format.

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A confidence that’s no doubt reflected in the clothes themselves, this fall’s fashion outlook is bold and fearless. It seems that after more than a year at home in tracksuits – the two designers themselves and their customers – the teams behind these brands were planning a certain sartorial revival this fall.

But while the season should welcome a much more impactful aesthetic than the past few, there are subtle design details in the big trends that serve as a nod to the recent times.

From full-length maxi knits – which will replace the cozy tracksuit you spent last winter in – to high-tension outdoor clothes that layered over a comfy turtleneck or under a knit cardigan, this season is all about. looks that make the statement that don’t entirely give up on our new priority of everything comfy.

Of course there are a small number of trends that focus entirely on visual impact above all else. After all, does anything encourage enthusiasm for post-pandemic life more than a full fuchsia look, head-to-toe sequins, or tiny mini skirts?

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There’s a balance to be found here, with trends to suit either end of the sartorial spectrum as we all begin to tentatively navigate our own way out of lockdown and define our personal boundaries to accommodate the new normal in the world. ..

Ready to dive into your fall wardrobe?

Here are the 13 AW21 trends we are all going to fall for this season …

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