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The trend cycle moves at a breakneck pace, and keeping pace can be a royal headache. So if you feel a bit stressed following the fashion circus as it migrated across Europe, we have the cure for your whiplash. Below, you’ll find a not-quite-exhaustive list of all the weirdest and craziest menswear moves we’re looking forward to doing this fall, along with a handful of the brands doing them best, handpicked by the GQ Recommends team. Are these the only things we’re going to wear for the next six months? Probably not. But those are definitely the only things we wanna wear at this momentand if you’re looking for a quick look at how to dress like a GQ staffer this season, there’s no better place to start.

weird hooves

Clogs have been seething in the spirit of menswear for a minute, but right now I’m more interested in shoes with a touch more get up. Traditional Swedish shoe brands like Dansko and Troentorp have been making the clogs of choice for artists and café workers for years, loved for their durability, functionality and, most importantly to me, their delightful weirdness. They draw their charm from this awkward silhouette, to sync better with wide pants with a generous break (AKA my silhouette of the day). —Gerald Ortiz

Gucci horsebit and leather-trimmed monogrammed canvas clogs

Sandgrens Swedish Handmade Wooden Clogs

Adjoining Acid Wash Jeans

These five pockets are a far cry from the raw selvedge seams favored by denim purists, but they’re not quite the ’90s acid-wash versions you probably imagine. Instead, they’re just alternate-color jeans that’ve been through a few dozen wash cycles and are now ready to kick up your usual indigo spin, without making you feel like you’ve assaulted a cast member. saved by the bell. —GO

Polar Skate Co. Big Boy Jeans

Calvin Klein Standards marble-dye straight-leg jeans

Namachecko Zanyan straight jeans

Big Ol’ striped buttons

You always thought the most versatile buttonhole in your wardrobe was the plain white oxford? You thought wrong. In the past we have pleaded for the less humble blue striped shirt, but we do not limit our colors. The stripes can be thick or thin, mixed or uniform, and the cut should always be a little more relaxed. You can ask for a raise and wear it under a suit the next time you hit the office, or you can wear it more like an overshirt and throw it casually over a graphic tee and baggy jeans. —GO

Meryll Rogge Modified Placket Shirt

Todd Snyder Favorite Banker Stripe Shirt

Striped shirt in extra fine cotton Uniqlo

Sunflower ‘Dan’ striped cotton-poplin shirt

Ultra-soft leather sneakers

After dominant summer, the Samba is also getting a head start on the fall. Co-signed by style-conscious guys like Jonah Hill and A$AP Rocky, retro sneakers, especially those crafted in smooth leather stitched with nubuck suede, remain an easy way to inject a quick, laid-back edge into your summer outfits. fall. Classic lace-ups will never let you down, but it’s worth considering a mule for their extra-comfortable vibes. Great faded jeans and skinny scarf sold separately. —Michelle Ore

New Balance x SNS 2002R mules

Nike ACG “Air Mada” sneakers

Comfortable accessories

The mere mention of headlines might recall trips to your local Hot Topic or greasy side bangs, but the teen starter pack stalwart got a major upgrade this year. Think silky, unsold 100% Italian wool and mohair in juicy colors like hot pink and forest green. Besides keeping your limbs toasty warm, they’re super versatile – slip them on to add another layer of texture to an otherwise ho-hum look. —MO

Nong Rak cuffs/leg warmers in fuzzy mohair knit

Rick Owens wool arm warmers

MAAP x PAM cycling arm warmers

Yohji Yamamoto graphic print arm warmers

Jumbo pants

More fabric, less hassle. At least that’s what it feels like to zip around town unrestricted in jumbo pants. There’s a reason why The J.Crew Giant Fit chinos is out of stock until January 2023: the label’s coveted pants are a lesson in how to nail oversized proportions with a tailored edge. The real magic of these extra large bottoms, however, is that any style can be oversized and still look totally cool: classic denim, cargos with an incredibly fun print, even corduroys. Not convinced? Continue scrolling. —MO

Collina Strada cargo pants

J.Crew Giant Fit Chinos

Jaded London Corduroy Parachute Trousers

A-List Suede Jackets

Our November cover shoot with Christian Bale yielded an overabundance of jaw-dropping images, but I was taken by one photo in particular: Bale in a green beanie, a striped shirt tucked into his pleated pants, wearing a gorgeous caramel-colored dress suede jacket. Suede has always been sexy, and its creamy feel and deceptively warm lends itself naturally to fall layering. Will you be as handsome as Batman – er, Bale – in a version of your own? Only one way to find out. —Tyler Chin

Todd Snyder Dylan Italian Suede Jacket

Abercrombie & Fitch Vegan Suede Bomber Jacket


Abercrombie & Fitch

Reiss Mercury suede jacket

Geezer-y Sweater Vests

You know what’s cooler than the deeply cursed fleece vest your pal who works in finance wears at the office? A sweater vest looks like the one your grandfather wore his office at the time – and probably continues to move steadily each fall. Layer it over a plain white t-shirt to avoid looking like an old-fashioned college professor. —CT

J.Crew Herringbone Wool-Blend Sweater Vest

Brooks Brothers Argyle Lambswool Sweater Vest

Todd Snyder Lambswool Cricket Vest

Adult pants

First of all: a solid pair of Dickies is always a smart buy. But for a very long time, guys who had never even tried to do a kickflip dressed like they just walked out of the skate park, and it all ended up being a bit too much. Part of the Dickies’ appeal is their dress-pant-adjacent look, thanks to their clasp fastening and crisp center pleats. Right now, however, the pants I wear the most are real dress pants, the kind you probably wouldn’t shoot to hit the halfpipes – not that you were anyway. —CT

Funny Mr. Pants Costume pants

AllSaints ‘Tallis’ Slim Cropped Trousers

Stòffa pleated wool-flannel straight-leg pants

J.Crew “Kenmare” suit pants

Whimsical leather pants

There is a lot of talk about leather go down to the DMs recommended by GQ right now. (Tis the season, after all.) Far be it from me to denigrate the stylistic good faith of a smooth suede jacket, but why let your chest have fun? Basically, the leather pants I’m looking at right now aren’t rockstar skinny — they’re a closer relative to the capital D dress pants my inimitable colleague Tyler Chin argues above. Basically, they’re just really cool pants that happen to be made of leather…and make you feel like a badass every time you put them on. —Avidan Grossman

Sefr “Londre” faux leather trousers

Ernest W. Baker Leather Flare Pants

Altu hammer-buckle leather trousers

Factor’s Horseskin Trousers

Bad Guy Couture

Want to know what all the peeping goons sparring with Keanu Reeves in the latest John Wick sequel have in common? Ridiculously ambiguous accents, uniformly sour and razor sharp black blazers. You know the ones I’m talking about: those knuckles with strong shoulders and bulky lapels imbued with a heavy dose of swagger. You could think of them as the clothing equivalent of armour, but – spoiler alert! – they are much better at keeping bad vibes away than bullets. Hell, they don’t even have to be black, really; navy blue will do just fine. —HER

Our Legacy Pointed Double-Breasted Blazer

Husbands Wool Tennis Stripe Jacket

Umit Benan B+ double-breasted camel hair blazer

Dizzy Shirts

The jury is still out on which rib is better, but I see your OCBD — that old Hyannis Harbor staple — and raise you one of those sick puppies every day. The pockets are big the collars are even bigger, and the whole shebang works pumped up in a pair of flared (natch) jeans or tails over a pair of cuffed pants. —HER

Wythe New York Washed Work Shirt

Western shirt Doppiaa “Aariosto”

Carter Young western shirt

Tony Shirtmakers puts his finger on the Oxford shirt

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