Fall 2022 fashion trends

If you’re not sure where to start with your fall wardrobe, here are some upcoming trends to help inspire you.

Fall might just be the height of fashion, as it’s a time when you can start transitioning into long pants and long-sleeved tops without getting too hot or too cold. Although it’s still quite warm, stores are starting to stock their fall clothes and influencers are starting to set fall trends. Apps such as Tik Tok and Instagram are the main sources for trending, and many clothing stores have started selling clothes that cater to up and coming trends.

One of the main things we will see this fall is layering. This trend started gaining traction last winter, and I doubt it will go away anytime soon. Some of the main things that will be seen layering are accessories, jackets/shirts, and tights. Although these seem like staple pieces, they have the potential to elevate an outfit. When it comes to jackets, oversized bomber jackets, jackets and denim jackets are going to be a staple this fall. Stores such as Cotton On, H&M and Urban Outfitters already carry these pieces in their stores. Dress skirts and pants are also hot in stores right now, as they can be styled for both warmer and cooler temperatures. These stores sell a lot of greens, blues and oranges, showing that the color will be seen a lot at the start of the season. The later the season, the darker the colors, so by mid-autumn we will start to see browns, navy blues and forest greens, as well as more neutral colors. One thing that will last all season is black boots. There are many variations and styles of black boots, and they can be worn up or down. Loafers are going to be a trending piece for this season, and Tik Tok has already proven it. These shoes are mostly used with dressy attire, but a lot of people are starting to find ways to dress them up.

Now is the time to start saving and hitting the stores to start getting ready for fall fashion. Many of this fall’s trends will become closet staples that can be used all year round. Of course, just because something is trendy doesn’t mean you’re out of style, but seeing what’s up and coming is the most exciting part of changing seasons.

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