Fall and winter fashion trends for moms in 2022

Some people think the words mom and fashion don’t go together. These people are wrong, however. Moms had a certain style of dress, it’s a fact. “You’re a mom, you can’t wear that!” And other such thoughts have been pushed by society.

Moms these days have redefined their fashion sense. They dress according to how they feel, and it has nothing to do with the kind of mother they are. Their “mom style” is just their style.

Classic staples for mom

Moms tend to buy clothes based on the age of their children. Newborns, toddlers, kids, tweens, and teens will all require you to have different types of clothing. With a newborn, moms may need tops that allow them to breastfeed in comfort, or something they don’t mind getting spit on. Toddlers are much more active. Teenagers, well, it really doesn’t matter.

Yet, since all mums have different fashion “needs”, there are styles that fit all. According vogue classic staples for every mom include:

  • Classic white t-shirt: Nice classic t-shirts in different colors or stripes go with everything.
  • A nice pair of jeans: Comfortable jeans that adapt to all curves.
  • Oversized sweaters: A knit sweater goes with just about anything.
  • Round neck or hooded sweatshirt: Ideal for simply throwing away anytime.
  • leggings: Every mom needs a great pair of leggings.
  • joggers: Similar to leggings, they provide style and comfort.
  • Comfortable sneakers: There are so many cute sneakers out there, for moms on the go this is a must have.

Harper’s Bazaar lists some of the hottest trends coming for Fall/Winter 2022/2023. Many moms may have noticed that the late 80s and early 90s are driving most fashion trends lately, and it’s not over yet. Some of these trends may not be for all moms, but like it or not, here they are.

  • Color blocking: Mix two to three opposite bright colors in one outfit
  • Animal prints: Throwback to 80s animal prints.
  • Hot pink: Hot pink is taking over this winter in a big way.
  • All-over denim: Particularly faded denim.
  • Leather: Classic look. Pants, jackets and skirts.
  • Neutral statements: beauty replied defines a statement piece as something eye-catching. It suits your style and attracts the attention of others.
  • Black: Black from head to toe.

While all items mentioned above are based on color and material, Cosmopolitan add some looks. So what will all of this look like when it comes to clothing?

  • All oversized: Exaggerated volume in all clothes.
  • Apartments: From closed-toe lace-up flats to ankle boots and flat thigh-high boots.
  • Overlay: All kinds of diapers. Unexpected layers, the more the better.
  • Feminine: Feminine styles. Long coats, short skirts.
  • Sporty elegance: Keep sportswear, just make it more feminine than masculine.

The Complete Mommy Look

The Sydney Morning Herald mentions how society insults women after having babies. The insulting message is that once women become mothers, they lose interest in clothes. They don’t dress like they used to because they suddenly don’t need the things they might have cared about before they were kids.

The bottom line is that mothers are powerful forces of nature. They can dress however they feel comfortable, and they do. Some moms may not follow the latest trends, and that’s okay. As long as a mom feels good, she will look good.

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