Fall Fashion Trends – THE EXHIBITOR

“Autumn is here and the flannel is in it.”

As the temperature drops and the seasons change, Baldwin Wallace’s students switch to clothing appropriate for the current weather. Many students wear similar items and styles, setting fashion trends on campus.

“I see a lot of jeans with a tight shirt and a loose shirt left open,” said rookie Claire Fischer. “Big sweatshirts are also a must and for accessories, claw clips. ”

According to junior Austin Patterson, trends from previous eras have made a comeback on campus.

“I’ve seen a lot of flare jeans and flare pants,” Patterson said, “the trend to bring back the old fashion of the ’90s and’ 70s is still going on with me because I’m a retro person.”

While several fashions have developed on campus, some staple items are timeless and ideal for fall.

“I feel like a flannel, or a chunky throw, it’s good to have because if it’s neutral too, you can wear it with anything,” Fischer said, “and sweaters in general. and a good pair of jeans. ”

Many students struggle to find the motivation to dress for class in cold weather. Junior Maddie Hopkins said she can understand this dilemma.

“I try to wear trendy leggings, like layering something on top of it or wearing a nicer shirt.” Hopkins said, “I’m trying to find ways to incorporate comfortable pants, and these are warm too.”

Fall is a great time to experiment with layering different items to create outfits, according to Hopkins.

“Sweaters and long sleeves can be layered in different ways,” said Hopkins, “while in the summer, because of the heat, that’s not really possible, so you have to keep things very basic, but in the fall, you may be more extravagant with your choices.

There are various stores in the Berea area, including the Strongsville Mall, where students can shop for trendy fall clothing.

“Hollister has cute cute sweaters and cardigans,” Patterson said, “H&M has cute buttons that you can put a coat or blazer on just to have something underneath.”

Many students shopped at thrift stores for wardrobe items, and Patterson said her first time it “was a big change.”

Thrift stores such as The Salvation Army and Goodwill offer a wide variety of clothing for people, regardless of their style preferences.

“I often go to Goodwill for the turtlenecks, chunky t-shirts and men’s shirts,” Fischer said, “it’s cheap and better for the environment”.

Students can also create outfits with items they already own. Incorporating these pieces allows them to blend their sense of style with popular trends.

“I like baggy jeans and baggy jackets because they’re easy to mix with things people probably already have,” Fischer said, “so you can mix your skinny summer tops with baggy jeans, and it still works, so they have a lot of Versatility. ”

Patterson said he has explored his own sense of style and what matters most is feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing.

“For too long I thought if I dressed feminine it would scare people,” Patterson said, “but I walk around in high heels, and people keep coming up and telling me how they admire my confidence in me, so do whatever you want because at the end of the day no one cares but you.

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