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At the end of October, expect a change not only in the weather, but also in the new fashion pieces that UC Irvine students decorate themselves with. Californians are stereotypically known for having only two seasons throughout the year. The state seems to oscillate mostly between warm weather and autumn breezes. But what happens when these two seasons overlap? UCI students get creative in practice as they navigate the weather in transition with their fashion choices – from layering different textures and colors, matching autumn leaves, to uniquely accessorizing.

With the weather tending to skyrocket at midday and cool down later in the afternoon, what trendy ideas are locals up to? Recently, UC Irvine students experimented with layering knits and had fun mixing textures. Lightweight yarn pieces are a classic and can easily be found in your own grandma’s closet. Still, knitwear is a staple that easily elevates an outfit when paired with accessories to dress comfortably and with California’s slippery temperatures in mind.

One could wear a loose knit cardigan to allow the cool breeze to pass through one’s clothes and prevent overheating, while still being warm enough when the sun begins to set. Using knits flaunts a simple outfit without sacrificing the complementary details that knotted strings create when layered over other garments.

Second-year bioscience student Chris Nguyen uses his cardigan to create a spider web shape on his arms – just in time for spooky season! Meanwhile, third-year psychology student Abigail Lee experiments with a knit dress and complements it with a chunky patent leather belt to create a sharp contrast in textures. Adjacent use of materials and shades allows everyone to develop their own color palette, enhanced with tights or leggings to complete the outfit.

Photo by Chris Nguyen @chrs.nguyen / Instagram
Photo of Abigail Lee @abigailairlines / Instagram

Creating a compatible color scheme is an essential part of dressing and really helps bring the fall season to fruition. This is arguably the perfect time to use toasty and neutral colors to blend and match the beauty of nature around you. What could go wrong with sandy hues and a touch of black and cream undertones? Dressed to match your freshly brewed lattes, using these colors is truly a fail-safe.
The best part is the patterns that match these colors. Stripes and checkered patterns work particularly well. As a student, wearing a plaid will allow you to dress for the role, and its simple hues will help you coordinate with other pieces. Lee stacked a plaid bag with a skirt and it worked! Although wearing denim on denim is generally considered a fashion statement, in most cases it is not. termsno one ever said not to use plaid upon plaid to your advantage.

Photo of Abigail Lee @abigailairlines / Instagram

Third-year sociology student Isabel Murphy paired a cute chocolate skirt with a brown striped top. Additionally, Murphy’s cowboy boots pull together the overall color scheme of a brown outfit. The shoe choice acts as an accessory and gives the outfit the extra boost needed to level it up.

Photo by Isabel Murphy @fathermurphy / Instagram

The use of props came in cycles, from the famous Vivienne Westwood pearl necklace with its glittering planet logo to molten metal jewelry from brands such as prostitute hands and MOIRA X MEL. As trends come and go quickly, the students got creative with their choice of charms and strings. More recently, large puffy charms have dominated the UCI fashion scene. The most notable and prominent dressers use simple cords and ribbons to tie these collars around their necks. With easily interchangeable charms, this trend allows everyone to swap out their choice of charms, be it metal heart lockets, blown glass shapes or cross pendants. The ability to swap one lanyard or trinket for another allows its wearer to use it for different seasons or when they want to give their outfits a new look. Their innovation lies in their ability to be both affordable and personalized for each student as they choose their own charms from markets and vintage stores.

For example, Murphy and Lee have similar necklaces, but individualized enough to complement their respective outfit choices. Such additions can be worn with more casual outfits or for a more formal look. However one decides to wear these accessories, they work well for a variety of occasions.

Photo of Abigail Lee @abigailairlines / Instagram
Photo by Isabel Murphy @fathermurphy / Instagram

It’s exciting to see what new trends will be introduced to campus over the coming fall months. Make sure to keep an eye on your peers for inspiration and admire their views on fashion.

Lexis Pham is an Arts and Entertainment Intern for the Fall 2022 term. She can be reached at [email protected].

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