Fashion Trends: Accessories You Should Own Now

Fashion accessories to own in 2022 (Photo: Courtesy)

If you love exploring fashion trends and following the news, you probably already know what accessories are. Whether we’re going through seasons of minimal accessories or moving towards over-the-top layering, they always add that extra spice to your style.

So far this year, there’s a mix of bold accessories and classics, meaning everyone can express their unique style in their own way while still being on-trend.

As usual, there are returns and new releases, and here are some of the pieces you should defiantly have in your collection right now:

Hair accessories are so beautiful right now (Photo: Courtesy)

Hair jewelry usually has a nostalgic touch. They remind us of our carefree childhood and teenage years when fun and color were in total mood.

We are currently in this era of 90s style, so if that’s your thing, you can have some 90s inspired hair jewelry. If you like a more African vibe, you should take inspiration from beaded pieces. If you like the modern aesthetic, you can also have metallic hair jewelry for those days when you want to give your hair an interesting look.

And, if you don’t care about the rules and want to rock something different every time, why not have them all in your collection?

Futuristic pieces are currently essential for everyday looks (Photo: Courtesy)

This year’s necklace trends are all about bold, chunky pieces. These have a futuristic essence that people love and maybe you even have a couple that you are already rocking.

At the same time, there is always room for timeless pieces like necklaces with a minimalist look. They are perfect for work and everyday and certainly everyone needs them to subtly enhance your different looks.

You can have at least a delicate gold or silver necklace depending on what complements your skin tone.

Trendy belts are essential (Photo: Courtesy)

A belt will always be present if you like oversized trends like oversized sweaters, coats and shirts. They slim your waist and it’s a great opportunity to express your personal style with all the choices available.

This style season, waist belts are in fashion. It would help if you had a brightly colored belt, an embellished belt, a chain belt, or any other design that is popping right now.

The perfect bag for all your purchases (Photo: Courtesy)

Cute shopping bags should have been on your list a long time ago. Since plastic bags were banned years ago, other alternatives like trendy canvas bags have appeared and we’re not complaining about that because it doesn’t hurt to look cute even at the supermarket.

Instead of carrying around a bright blue, green or red bag that can ruin your outfit or buying a new bag every time you’re at the supermarket, you can just have a few stylish shopping bags.

Designer scarves are currently in fashion (Photo: Courtesy)

A scarf is a simple but very playful accessory that can easily make a basic outfit more intriguing. Not only that, it can be your emergency room for those bad days when no one needs to know what’s going on down there.

Play with a collection of neutral colours, bright prints and patterns and different materials such as cotton and silk.

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