Fashion trends of the year 2000 are the mainstay of 2021

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If you’re like me, you remember the year 2000 as an era of promise – the promise of modern technology and limitless possibilities. But more than anything else, it was also an era that was accompanied by unique and inspired trends that would leave their mark on the pages of fashion history. And as the saying goes, history likes to repeat itself and to the delight of nostalgics, these trends are making a comeback.

Some say what makes the right time for a tech-inspired Y2K comeback is the peak of our reliance on technology in these times of unprecedented change. While others think that 2020, and the challenges it has brought, has left us craving the comforts of the early 2000s. Whatever the reason, here are some of the biggest trends from the year 2000 to display.

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Baby t-shirts, crop tops and more

One of the cutest and most popular trends making a sure comeback are colorful t-shirts cut above the belly button. Whether you like quirky quotes or graphics or simple monotones, there is a crop top for you. Easily styled and flattering for all body types, they’re perfect for summer and available in almost any store!

Separated assorted

Tired of choosing different parts of your outfit so they don’t clash? Matching separate pieces are back to make your life easier while keeping you looking fresh and on-trend. There are a ton of options, from casual lounge wear to chic day wear, so you can spend your day in style. Denim over denim is another popular way to add more dimension to these matching suits.

Baguette bags

If you think of Carrie Bradshaw as your fashion guru, you’ll agree that it’s almost impossible to imagine her without the infamous baguette bag. Even if the show Released almost 15 years ago (yes, you read that right), Carrie’s wardrobe is still admired and it’s no surprise that the very first “it” bag makes a return to our 2021 collection. So that a black wand goes with almost anything, there are also a variety of color options and monogrammed canvases to give your outfit an edge.

Wide / bootcut pants

Skinny jeans are so much last season, much to the relief of those like me who didn’t see the point in forgoing breathability in exchange for a tighter fit. And if TikTok is something to go, wide leg pants are all the rage right now and are also available in more fabric options than denim. If you’re a true Y2K era lover, you’ll have no problem pairing them with a cropped top, channeling a Bratz doll-inspired look.

Tie front tops

Along with crop tops, tie-front tops have also become a staple trend and a sure throwback to our youth. With a new update, some of them are even available in pastel shades and ribbed fabric. Again, easy to style and eye-catching, this is a style that can hold its own and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Shiny things

The 2000s were all about breakthrough ideas, which meant bling and sparkle played a big part in giving outfits that long-awaited futuristic edge. Whether it’s through the fabric used in the tops or the layering of chunky jewelry, this trend is sure to be on the list of Y2K trends that have caused a stir again in 2021.

Hair accessories

This one is a personal childhood favorite! Butterfly clips, bandanas, oversized headbands and bobs are all back in the game and so we’re here for that.

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With the easing of Covid restrictions in many parts of the world, we hope these new Year 2000 trends help you bring your A-game to the next release! Make sure you stay away and keep killing.

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