Fashion trends: Star pieces, accessories and colors for Spring / Summer 2020

What are the spring / summer 2020 fashion trends? What are we going to wear and how will we be wearing it? In which key parts and accessories to invest? Vogue lists the must-haves for Spring / Summer 2020.

What are the major spring / summer 2020 fashion trends?

Fashion is no longer just an image but also a vector of thought, with climate change as the first fight. Proof of this is during Fashion Week, where more and more labels are offering new ways of approaching design. In terms of trends, if environmental commitment is now firmly rooted in our daily lives, the 1970s made a comeback, the tuxedo becoming a must and denim obvious.

Fashion trends to know for spring / summer 2020

What fashion pieces to invest in?

Between the trends already adopted by It-girls outside the parades and the recommendations of professionals in the sector, the possibilities are endless.


Watchword ? Invest in timeless designs. One of the favorites is a fringed model for a modern bohemian look, alongside the traditional blazer, best worn this summer in a 90s leather style. At the top of spring / summer fashion investments are finds the traditional Sahara jacket, in authentic colors and materials.


If there was just one flagship denim of the year (and summer), it would be this: either a raw fabric or a washed out fiber with a flared look from the 70s that is well in the fabric. tune with the times. Next to it, timeless white jeans will again be a popular choice.

Skirts and shorts

When it comes to skirts, this season isn’t all about half-measures. Two silhouettes oppose the spectrum: the long skirt, bohemian or rustic style from the 1970s, or the essential denim mini-skirt.

For shorts, two styles reign supreme. On the one hand there is Bermuda; in denim for the day and in a more chic suit version at nightfall. On the other side, there is the traditional, slightly sexier style of shorts: the Paper Bag shorts.


If the white t-shirt is still one of the essentials of the Parisienne to slip into her suitcase, there are indeed other pieces to add to our summer wish-list, such as the bohemian blouse and the cardigan that is coming back this season.


In addition to the mesh dress, a great mid-season investment, this summer bohemian and baby doll silhouettes are in the spotlight, sometimes with a bare back, which adds a touch of sensuality. Long, feminine and airy styles are the perfect choice this summer.


The top 3 most wanted swimwear trends are: 80s inspiration, wild animal prints and pastel hues. But also, we must note the big comeback of the gingham print. Spring / Summer 2020 favors above all a feminine swimwear wardrobe imbued with retro influences. Alongside well-established brands, new designers and emerging labels are emerging, most of them committed to environmental protection.

What are the star shoes of the season?

Because they remain one of the essential accessories of a look, Vogue lists the shoes that will make Spring / Summer 2020. For the ultimate fashion statement, wear your favorite socks or stockings to upgrade your shoes. Here’s a closer look.

Timeless models

Because the arrival of spring and summer is an opportunity to invest in timeless pieces, preppy chic moccasins, moccasins and ballerinas will remain in our wardrobes much more than summer. The ideal option for consuming less and spending more wisely.


From the return of jelly sandals to the fashionable success of dad shoes, the normcore aesthetic redraws the contours of our summer wardrobe. When it comes to the waist, comfort is once again a top priority, thanks to assertive silhouettes like heeled thongs, wedge mules and minimalist styles with graphic square toes.


From the podium to the feet of the It-girls, the designers compete in daring and creativity to transform the sneaker into a real object of desire. Whether neo-futuristic, Parisian, retro or normcore, discover the most trendy sneakers for summer 2020.

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