Floral choker: a Y2K trend we love | fashion trends

Low-rise jeans, corsets and chokers: Y2K fashion is back, and big. One look at your social media feed and you know the trends are all set to get bolder. And an example is the floral choker.

“The floral choker is a signature style of the Y2K fashion trend, when bold florals were feminine, fun and romantic. It’s the result of the fashion cycle repeating itself, but with an upgrade. or a change. Reconnecting with the beginning of the 2000s, the trend is resurfacing in its own way,” explains designer Gautam Gupta.

In fact, the floral choker is a trend that comes back every decade, but with a different twist. So how is it going this time around? “This season it returns in a very retro, goth and glamorous look, with a lace trim and a beautiful big flower. Keep in mind that this is a very solid accessory. So, pair it with subtle colors. Go color blocking, a cream silk shirt with a black high waist or corseted pants, a black neck tie with a hot pink or rose red flower brooch, and you’re ready to party,” the designer suggests. Anjalee Kapoor.

Inspired by months spent in lockdown and an increasingly complex and digitalized world, Gen Z are looking to simpler times for inspiration. Youth reinterprets the aesthetics of the bygone era with a new zeal, and there’s nothing like the Y2K floral choker to add that little bit extra. It can be worn with everything from high waisted pants to a bodycon evening dress.

Additionally, a flower-embellished dress can also be paired with a plain lace choker for ultra-femininity. “Chokers are made from a variety of materials aside from fabric, which brings a change in style from the early 1990s and 2000s fashion era,” Gupta adds.

However, Kapoor warns admirers of this trend: “A choker with flowers will look better and stand out with solid colors. Otherwise, he will be very busy with impressions. It’s time to embrace this fashion statement with ’90s-inspired exuberance.


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