From Neon Shades to Hair Accessories: 2019 Fashion Trends for Everyday Wear

Fashion has a pesky way of repeating itself, but sometimes looks are best seen on the catwalks. In 2019 too, we have seen many fashion trends grab the limelight. To help boost your style, here are some trends that will make you stand out and are also easy to wear.

Fashion designer Rocky S, who has also designed for Beyoncé Knowles and Paris Hilton, told, “Trends are coming back in newer, reinvented styles. The trends in 2019 were an expression of our current state of being. With functionality as key, people have realized that style is not just about looks, but also about comfort. Luxury high streetwear is a trend that has reigned this year in flowing and structured silhouettes.

neon colors

The bright neon trend was very strong in 2019. (Source: Priyanka Chopra/ Instagram)

Not necessarily a “new trend” as we saw live in 2018, the bright neon trend has been very strong this year. If you think it doesn’t match your mood or personality, tone it down by balancing it with neutral or muted shades like beige. Also, if you’re not sure how bright colors will work with your skin tone, it’s best to start with accessories, like a neon handbag or a trendy choker paired with an understated outfit. A touch of neon on your eyes would also be a great idea. Fire red or neon yellow can do wonders for your overall look.

Square Toe Shoes

Kendall Jenner was recently seen sporting the square toe trend at the London Fashion Week after-party. (Source: Mallika Dua/Instagram)

The pointed, pointed heels that were hugely popular last season are gone, giving way to square-toed shoes. The trend is only growing and you can wear them with mules, boots, flip flops and even sandals. In fact, even Kendall Jenner was seen sporting the square toe trend at the London Fashion Week after-party recently. There are plenty of options that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and can be easily pulled off with a pair of jeans or a tight-fitting pantsuit. While a square-shaped style of shoe has appeared in cultures around the world, one of the earliest examples is the Japanese geta and zori. Zoris are ancient Japanese flat sandals, usually made of synthetic materials or rice straw, fabric, lacquered wood, leather and rubber.

Seashell accessories

The trend started in 2018 but accelerated in 2019. (Source: Gigi Hadid / Instagram)

We finally find some heavy gold stepping back as sea creatures head into the fashion world. The trend started in 2018 but accelerated in 2019. Who knew the weatherproof sailor essential could be so chic and stylish? These accessories can be worn as necklaces, earrings or you can even pile on a bunch of seashell bracelets as a centerpiece. Cowrie shells, the ones that look like white coffee beans, are sported by many celebrities and in turn give us major holiday vibes!

Hair accessories

Some of the most popular choices for hair accessories are barrettes, scarves, chunky headbands, and scrunchies. (Source: Deepika Padukone/Instagram)

Whether it’s this season or another, hair accessories are a must-have any time of the year. Wear them for a red carpet look or everyday wear, they manage to add that special sparkle every time. Some of the most popular choices for hair accessories are barrettes, scarves, chunky headbands, and scrunchies. Barrettes made a comeback at the end of 2018, but lasted all year. These accessories also made big appearances at New York Fashion Week and the Met Gala. While for scrunchies, we tend to wear them out of necessity. It’s almost nostalgic for them to come back this year.

We love a good scrunchie, but have you tried hair scarves? Hair scarves add a different touch and are more eye-catching. They’re a great way to add a pop of color or a cute pattern to your look, or maybe just a little extra volume. And according to this year’s NY Fashion Week, they will continue to be a trendsetter in 2020.

Itsy-bitsy and bucket bags

Jhanvi Kapoor seen in a modern potli or bucket bag. (Source: jhanvi_kapoor_official/Instagram)

This year has thrown up a lot of surprises when it comes to bags. One wonders how the classic potly and miniature bags are taking the fashion world by storm. The mini bag trend has been making waves since Jacquemus revived the trend in fall 2017. Known as the “Le Chiquito” bag, it has undoubtedly made an impression far larger than its size. Even though we question the user-friendliness of these, the trend for these bags is still quite strong in 2019. They have a pale silhouette and a cavernous interior, with a defined structure. Some even have dramatically knotted handles. They are perfect for a Sunday brunch or a romantic date,

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