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In 2010, I was 15 and spent long nights browsing Carousell for a cheaper version of the coveted Topshop geek shirt.

Almost all of my friends had it and proudly posted it on social media, alongside mustache-adorned rings, glassless glasses and those horribly ugly owl pendant necklaces.

A decade later, these nauseating trends have all but disappeared from our radar. That is to say until Local TikTokers @lielnicole and @ pale.nerves recently decided to give some of our worst fashion picks a makeover.


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So we thought we were going to jump on the bandwagon and take a little trip down memory lane as well. Warning: the following list may make you cringe.

1. Topshop geek shirts

Like I said earlier this shirt was the one thing every teenage girl wanted and if you didn’t have one in your wardrobe you just weren’t cool enough.

These were often associated with skater skirts and became a kind of national uniform – no matter where you went, you saw someone wearing it.

Places like Taobao, which sold knockoff versions for a fraction of the price, were capitalizing on the demand for these shirts. Other variations with words like Nerd and Dweeb also started to appear and people have been clamoring to get them in multiple colors.

2. The Little Miss and Little Mr shirts

If you weren’t wearing a Geeky shirt, you probably donned a Little Miss or Mr. Men shirt.


These came in a variety of designs, the most popular being Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Bad.

They were cute … until everyone started wearing them.

3. Anything with a mustache

If you were “cool” enough to have a geeky shirt, you probably remember that it was the right thing to pair it with a mustache necklace or ring.


Aside from being downright ugly, mustache rings weren’t the most functional accessory either – most of us could barely wiggle our fingers while wearing them, but we all tolerate them in the name of the crowd. fashion.

4. Baggu bags

While Baggu bags never looked really hideous to begin with, so many people have worn them to the point where they have become an eyesore.


I have to admit though – these were quite spacious and could store a lot of stuff, but after a while it got a little too heavy.

5. The Jeffery Campbell Lita boots

I’m not sure why so many of us coveted a pair of Jeffery Campbell Lita boots, but at one point it was the hottest shoe trend. Pretty much every fashion YouTuber worth his salt had at least one pair.


Obviously, these shoes, which sell for US $ 160 (S $ 215) were too expensive for the average teenager, so most people stuck with the counterfeit versions.

Besides taking up a lot of shoe cabinet space, they were ridiculously impractical and most girls who wore them could barely walk directly in them – imagine chasing a bus in such high heels!

6. Tom

What have we never seen in Toms? They didn’t have a lot of foot support and weren’t exactly the most practical option when it rains, but it looked like most guys had several different color pairs. And yes, there were also counterfeits for these.


7. Owl pendant

Am I the only one who has never found this owl pendant cute, even when it was considered trendy? In fact, I found his bulging black eyes a little annoying.


But apparently the rest of Singapore didn’t have the same feelings as they were in almost every accessory store I walked into.

8. G-Dragon One Of A Kind Shirts & Hoodies

I was never a K-pop fan but I could recognize the G-Dragon One of a Kind logo from a mile away because at one point it was stuck all over the place.


In fact, I suspect some non-G-dragon fans may have bought this because they just wanted to be part of the trend.

9. Hello Kitty glasses without lenses

At one point, looking like a geek (like the Topshop shirt) was the trendy thing and to do that, people would put on big glasses.


And it seemed like people who didn’t need glasses still wanted to jump on this trend because everyone started buying glasses without glasses, especially the legendary Hello Kitty ones.

10. Zinc rabbit bag

Last but not least – this bag that comes in a variety of colors and designs, all equally terrifying. The people who carried this bag looked like they had a corpse strung across their body.


The bag not only looked odd, it wasn’t practical either. I’ve always wondered why some kids bother to bring them to school because you could barely fit a pencil case, let alone a textbook.

If we missed any of your favorite – or most hated – fashion trends, let us know!

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