Get Rid Of Wrinkles From Clothes In Just 10 Minutes With This Easy Trick – No Iron Needed


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Don’t you just hate being late, trying to get ready for work or an important event, only to find that the shirt or dress you intended to wear is all wrinkled? You don’t want to have to drag the ironing board around, but what other option is there? Enter: Ice cubes in the dryer tower.

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This simple trick for removing wrinkles from clothes makes the rounds of the internet from time to time – I didn’t invent it. But I tested it, and while it won’t necessarily replace ironing for me, it did take my clothes from wrinkled to much smoother, and definitely wearable out of the house.

Here’s how to get wrinkles out of clothes with just a few ice cubes and no iron. (For more laundry tips, check out the big laundry mistake you’re making that’s driving up your energy billand why it might be time to ditch your favorite laundry products.)

How to remove wrinkles from clothes with the ice cube trick

1. Place a few clean, wrinkled clothes in your dryer (cotton clothes work best).

2. Throw three or four ice cubes with the clothes and close the door.

3. Turn the dryer on high and set a timer for 10 minutes.

4. Remove your clothes and give them a few final shakes to remove as many wrinkles as possible.

That’s it! It may take a few tries to see what will work best for your dryer in terms of the number of clothes, ice cubes, and time it takes to remove wrinkles. Again, in my experience, this is no substitute for ironing – there will always be creases in your clothes. But it eliminated many bigger creases and made my shirts much easier to wear.

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