Here are the top fashion trends predicted for 2022

Mini skirts, low rise jeans and “double denim” are among the fashion trends set to take 2022 by storm.

The ‘2000s’ look caught fire in 2021, according to the ASOS Trends annual report, and will continue to define the style for the next 12 months.

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The demand for ’90s-inspired clothing – baggy jeans, cargo pants and bright, bold colors – which jumped in 2021, will also continue.

The report also showed that party heels sell out at the rate of one pair every 13 seconds and highlighted a huge popularity of flares, with over 446,000 pairs sold, while sage green was the color. of choice for bridesmaids dresses.

A “back to office” boom was also noticed as the second half of the year saw a 30% increase in sales of black pants.

And the off-the-shoulder backless is set to become a fashion staple in 2022, after a 37,437% increase in searches for the article on ASOS Marketplace.

In another ASOS survey of 2,000 adults, 40% of 18- to 35-year-olds said they spent more on clothing in 2021 than in 2020.

While 40% also said they made a fashion or beauty purchase to celebrate the easing of the lockdown in July.

Buyers are ready to take advantage of Boxing Day sales

And it looks like shoppers are eager to create their new look – with 67% of 18-35 year olds planning to hit Boxing Day sales, spending an average of £ 119 each.

Gen Z and Millennials are the biggest bargain hunters, with three in five (67 percent) saying they spend on sales this year and on jeans (45 percent), coats (36 percent) ) and sneakers (36 percent) top their wishlists.

A quarter (24%) of 18-35 year olds say they will wear oversized and loose fit in 2022 and a fifth (20%) will opt for strong, bold colors.

This is a continuation of 2021 where oversized styles made up 60% of sales of men’s jersey tops and there has been a 135% increase in the number of women’s flare flares sold.

More than 446,000 pairs of flares were sold on ASOS in 2021.

2021 saw a boom in the bridal and wedding industry

The bridal and wedding industry was huge in 2021 – after a succession of lockdowns and canceled nuptials – with customers purchasing more than 1.5 million bridal and bridesmaid dresses, the maxi wedding dress at long sleeve Iris being the number one choice for brides.

Bride and groom and male guests were well-equipped and in footwear, with sales of over 100,000 full suits and demand for dress shoes increasing by 80%.

The Love Island effect also worked its magic – after winner Millie Court was seen in a tie-dye coordination, she sold out within a week.

But she got her money’s worth from Sex Education’s Jackson Marchetti, which sparked 34,000 varsity jacket sales during the fall / winter season.

Love Island Effect – The old Style Edit of ASOSer Millie Court launched in December 2021.

Vanessa Spence, Director of Commercial Design and Visuals at ASOS, said: “The trends of the 90s are always very popular among fashionistas, especially those 20 and over, who haven’t had the opportunity to experience flares and crop tops last time around.

“We’re also going to see a revival of 2000s trends next year, so expect hipster jeans, double denim and mini skirts to feature in plenty of editions.

“If you need inspiration after experiencing confinement in muted colors, bright, vibrant colors have been seen on every runway in recent catwalks so they will be huge in 2022.”

The full report can be read here.

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