Independent clothing designer claims Zara stole one of his designs


Over the years, the fast-fashion chain Zara has repeatedly been accused of stealing designs from small designers.

In 2016, indie designer Tuesday Bassen went viral after claiming Zara stole a series of pin and patch designs from him, a claim Zara denied. This led to a series of other designers alleging that Zara also stole their work without proper credit or payment.

Now a TikTok user has gone viral after claiming he too has been ‘Zara’d’.

In a video with over 174,000 views, Ethan Glenn (@ethantglenn), TikTok user and founder of the Every Other Thursday brand, claims Zara copied the brand name and font from one of his pieces.

“Today on the Zara shelf in London we were Zara’d,” he says in the video. The video shows an alleged Zara shirt reading “Every Other Sunday” in a serif font. Glenn then shows off a hat on his brand’s website that he says has been out for a year and a half. The hat reads “Every Other Thursday”, the brand name, in a similar serif font.

Glenn then wonders why the brand chose to change the phrase to “Every Other Sunday”, as the new phrase has no apparent meaning (Glenn explained in a later video that the “every other Thursday” referenced by name mark represents a typical bi-weekly pay cycle).

“The real question is, what does ‘Every other Sunday’ mean?” he asks. “That just seems stupid.”


Hi Zara

♬ original sound – Ethan Glenn

Commentators were quick to support Glenn in his fight against Zara, with many saying capturing Zara’s attention was a sign of Glenn’s success.

“This is where you know you’ve made it,” one user wrote.

“YOU HAVE ZARA’d!!! Honestly this shows how far we’ve come,” another agreed.

Others have noted that Glenn’s brand name sounds better than Zara’s title.

“It’s not like Thursday, don’t worry,” said one commentator.

“Nothing can compare to the quality of the name every other Thursday,” echoed a second.

Other users said Glenn should take legal action.


“HIT EM WITH THE CEASE AND DESIST,” advised another TikToker.

However, Glenn responded to those comments in a comment of his own, writing, “Y’all it’s just funny, nobody’s suing anybody, relax.”

The Daily Dot contacted Glenn and Zara via email.


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*First published: October 30, 2022, 11:12 a.m. CDT

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