Jeannie Mai talks about her new collection of clothes and her pregnancy style

E! : Seems like quality was a central point for you when working on this collection. Tell us more about it.
JM: Quality and not having to spend a whole lot of money to get it. People think that to get good quality you have to pay a high price and that is not true. If you find designers who spend time making clothes that they too would like to wear themselves, that they would put on their kids, that they would put on their moms, this is where you find the quality. And that’s what I tried to do in this collection.

E! : Working within the limits of making something affordable, was it difficult to create the same quality?
JM: A little, yes, to be honest. In order to meet this price point, especially for the Macy’s customer because I am the Macy’s customer. I have always bought Macys. I’m going because I know I’ll have enough money to buy several pieces, not just one. So when it comes to things like my buckled jacket. Loop fabric can be very expensive. It looks luxurious but there is a hefty price tag to make it. We were able to work within the factories to find a beautifully refined buckle that has the same weighted and sleek look and doesn’t break your bank. So it took a lot more research and honestly I can’t tell you how many times I’ve returned something saying, “It’s not that, that’s not it.” They were like, ‘Jeannie, we’re scrubbing everything, what can that be?’ And they actually worked with me to find the one that made me happy and that’s the whole collection you see today.

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