Jimin at RM: BTS Boys’ Favorite Clothing Brand


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BTS is known for their incredibly attractive gear, which they frequently wear in their massive live performances, photo opportunities, and music videos. However, even when the stylists aren’t helping the members get dressed, they’ve established themselves as fashionistas in their own right with their regular outfits. Hidden beneath the flash and glamor of the stage, each of the seven members of BTS has developed their own sense of style that is as unique as they are. To discover the distinctive fashion senses of BTS members, let’s check out airport fashion, V Live looks, daily outfit tweets, and more!

Starting with the eldest, Jin’s style is often polished and polished for dignified appearances suited to the hyung’s seniority. He favors simple designs, resulting in sophisticated clothes that show off his model body. Jin admitted to having expensive tastes and that he loves Givenchy’s designer clothing line!

Suga prefers comfortable and roomy outfits as she likes to keep things casual. His favorite Japanese streetwear companies are Visvim and Mastermind Japan, but he also frequently wears clothes, accessories and bags from high-end fashion houses like Gucci, Balenciaga and Cartier. J-Hope frequently wears streetwear brands, Supreme being his favorite. He also frequently wears Yeezy and Off-White. However, Hobi sometimes adds high-end designer brands to the mix. For example, in the image below, he pairs a Stüssy headband and Puma shoes with a Balenciaga shirt and Supreme x Louis Vuitton sunglasses. One of the most epic airport fashion looks of 2018 is the result.

Over the years, RM’s style has changed considerably, but a recurring theme has been to try out unusual looks and boldly combine many pieces. Her eclectic sense of style is hard to categorize as it ranges from streetwear to softer, almost bohemian looks, as is her diverse nature. RM has admitted to being a fan of Japanese streetwear brands such as WTAPS, Neighborhood and Yamamoto, and he frequently wears Visvim.

While Jimin tends to wear a lot of casual clothes, he sometimes changes things up with whimsical outfits from his favorite brand, Gucci. In V’s outfit, which basically boils down to one word: Gucci, comfort meets high-end fashion. Frequently, V is decked out in the designer line. With his must-have white tee and Timberland boots, Jungkook exudes such a natural and subtle masculinity that you can’t fault him for wearing this ensemble often.

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