Kellie Hush joins fashion start-up The Volte as interest in designer clothes soars

Australian fashion startup The Volte has announced several key signings, with fashion powerhouse Kellie Hush (pictured, centre) taking on the role of creative director and stylist Suzy Eskander joining as head of business development and liaison with designers.

The signings come after a dramatic shift in designer fashion over the past 12 months, with new data showing a 300% increase in the number of Australians buying designer fashion as opposed to fast fashion, as they can now earn income from their wardrobes.

The average Australian buys two pieces of designer clothes, but when offered the opportunity to earn money on these big-ticket items, they will instead buy four pieces – one every three to four months according to new data from the designer clothing sharing platform The Volte.

“It shows how consumers now view fashion as an investment rather than a disposable item. It has the potential to significantly disrupt the $3 trillion fast fashion industry,” said Bernadette Olivier (pictured, center right), co-founder of The Volte.

“There’s this realization that you can buy this Zimmermann dress and it pays for itself – so this dress can easily become cost-neutral, or a money-making investment.”

The platform has exploded in popularity over the past 12 months, with bookings doubling in the last quarter alone, with over 250,000 monthly users now on the platform and almost 100,000 items listed, with that number increasing daily.

Commenting on the decision, Hush said, “A sustainable circular economy is key to the survival of the fashion industry.

“Every fashion company with a touchpoint in both the supply chain and the product lifecycle must recognize their responsibility and actively contribute to textile circularity and waste reduction.

“The Volte is a pioneer in the peer-to-peer fashion rental space and is changing the way Australian consumers approach fashion. It is an exciting space to work in as we can already see the consumer move away from fast fashion, which for too long has encouraged over-buying and a disposable approach to fashion.

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