Kendrick Lamar shows off clothes designed with Martine Rose


Kendrick Lamar joins forces for clothing items made with designer Martine Rose.

The Compton rapper took to Instagram on Monday to showcase the pieces while revealing that teaming up with Rose is something he has on his to-do list. Lamar captured the mood surrounding the couple’s new collaboration with a series of images that includes photos of Eazy-E, Tupac and the Compton Cowboys, as well as images of merchandising.

While working with Kendrick on her Big Steppers Tour, Rose’s merchandise includes a jacket embroidered with Kendrick’s “Oklama” nickname, leather pants, and a black hoodie highlighted with Martine Rose’s signature.

“Bucketlist to work with martine rose, she’s camera shy but gangsta say hello to my youngster,” Kendrick wrote on Instagram.

Kendrick isn’t the first rapper to collaborate with Rose.

In January 2021, Drake appeared in Martine Rose’s What We Do All Day virtual fashion show, which provided insight into how many of Rose’s famous friends were living during the COVID-19 pandemic. Drake wore sweatpants and a long-sleeved t-shirt from Rose’s menswear collection.

“Drake and Martine have been lifelong fans of each other, so this was a perfect opportunity to make that connection on a larger scale,” casting director Isabel Bush told Highsnobiety at the time. “Usually we look for very unfamiliar characters, however, the beauty of that was how humanizing the project could be. We could capture a sense of intimacy due to the voyeuristic nature of stepping into each person’s space. So it was less about a performance of “Drake” than a connection to him as an artist and a person.

Check out Kendrick’s next line with Rose at the top of Instagram.

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