LA clothing maker The Evans Group offers styling tips for new designers

In addition to its reputation as a small-batch clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, The Evans Group adds useful custom clothing information to its repertoire.

Some need more business support, others need help with e-commerce or help with their strategy, communications or merchandise. No two mentoring experiences are the same”

—Jennifer Evans

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 13, 2022 / — Noted for helping newbie apparel designers start a clothing line with no prior experience, TEG is once again helping creative minds around the world.

In Style Tips For New Designers, the Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer and fashion production house helps emerging designers with no prior experience get started in the fashion industry.

The power of a capsule wardrobe

The Evans Group helps clear up the confusion for those unfamiliar with capsule wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe is a fashion collection of various outfits and accessories that can easily be mixed and matched.

“Consider it fashion staples. Versatile, stylish and capable of taking on ambitious fashion ideas, a solid capsule wardrobe is an absolute must.

TEG has always been a strong advocate for sustainable fashion. The Los Angeles clothing manufacturer doubles down on the importance of a capsule wardrobe. On the contrary, a solid capsule wardrobe saves money and resources. Resources are usually wasted in a fast and environmentally toxic way.

“Not only do capsule wardrobes help break fast fashion practices, they help find what [designers] like in a clothing line. As well as being great style advice for anyone looking to improve their personal style, it should also help improve design ideas! »

Simply having a solid foundation to further develop a personal style and that of a future clothing line is an absolute must.

The audience matters

Engaging in classic marketing advice, The Evans Group encourages aspiring fashion designers to find their audience and engage with them regularly. Part of crucial engagement is using social media channels to monitor user engagement and connect with customers.

Part of developing an engagement strategy with an audience is finding out who a designer is creating clothes for. According to The Evans Group, thinking about the minor details of a fashion designer’s audience is perhaps the most important way to succeed in the fashion industry. When narrowing down an audience, a fashion designer can better understand what their audience appreciates about fashion, regardless of demographics.

Are they committed to sustainability in their fashion choices? Doing extensive research to find the desires of the target demographic is key to a successful clothing line.

Choosing Clothing Manufacturers in the United States

Choosing domestic clothing manufacturers has many advantages for a new designer. Although prices vary, the degree of control a designer has over an order of clothing from a national clothing manufacturer like TEG has various advantages. For example, TEG has a strong quality assurance program, which ensures that a designer plays an active role in every step of the production process. If a designer does not like the rendering of a garment, they can easily contact the designers in Los Angeles.

Choosing a US-based apparel manufacturer ensures sustainable and ethical practices are in place. Committed to easing the many production burdens that countries in the Global South have put in place, TEG aims to eliminate harmful production practices. Additionally, TEG hires local textile experts from nearby garment factories for larger orders, creating viable production jobs for local Angelinos.

Keeping Things Small (For Now)

In short, keeping things small is a crucial part of the puzzle right now. By effectively testing the market with limited fashion collections, designers can expand their audience, get to know them better and develop more ambitious projects.

The Evans Group is a leading small batch manufacturer in Los Angeles. There are no minimums at The Evans Group, allowing beginner clothing designers to experiment at their leisure. Only need about ten pieces in a fashion collection to get started? Evans Group fashion experts are effectively eliminating gatekeeping in the fashion industry by allowing anyone to participate.

Plus, the Evans Group’s new fashion mentorship program in Los Angeles proves the apparel maker is committed to supporting emerging fashion designers in everything they do.

The TEG Fashion Mentorship Program

There are more reasons to get excited about new designers in the fashion design process. Jennifer Evans and TEG have designed an intricate fashion mentorship program to help designers thrive without any prior design experience.

This program, filled with Los Angeles pattern makers, talented seamstresses, and creative minds, helps fashion designers develop ideas and execute them flawlessly.

After partnering with a fashion mentor after an in-depth meeting with CEO Jennifer Evans, a new designer will get to work.

These experts, as the TEG states, “will meet the designers where they are” during the design process. If that means a designer can’t decide on the best fabric to choose or doesn’t have a cohesive idea for a clothing line, TEG Fashion Mentor will help.

Whether they enter a fashion mentorship without fashion sketches or design insights, TEG’s experts will help fashion designers launch their own clothing lines.

As TEG states:

“Every designer needs different things. Some need more business support, others need help with e-commerce or help with their strategy, communications or merchandise. No two mentoring experiences are the same. Our mentorship programs tailor their specialties to [a] unique brand needs.

With an ally supporting the fashion industry and ideas throughout the garment design process, now has clearly never been a better time to enlist the expert fashion services of Jennifer Evans and The Evans Group. .

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