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It’s not every day that a high school has a fashion show featuring second-hand clothes.

It’s also not every day that two stars of the podium are the vice-principal and the headmaster of the school… but that’s what happened on April 22 at Ladysmith Secondary School.

‘Fast Fashion’ has arrived to show students what can be accomplished with other people’s very usable scraps.

To mark Earth Week 2022, the LSS Student Council worked with volunteers from Ladysmith Healthcare Auxiliary to host a “Thrift It Fashion Show,” showcasing sustainable fashion.

The students selected various clothes from the store to present at the fashion show. The Auxiliary offered all students discounted prices and even opened the store for students to browse the selection and shop.

“Fast Fashion,” according to student council co-president Maddy Jolly, “is an example of overconsumption. We buy items on demand, wear them multiple times, then throw them away. These are garments that are made in very unsanitary environments and often involve child labor. It is designed to mimic track images and often uses harsh chemicals in its production which harm the environment.

She added: “If we use sources like the Auxilary Thrift Store, not only are we saving money, but we’re also supporting the local and it keeps money in our community.”

“The clothes are based on fashionable runway looks and are often worn for a season before being thrown away. Buying second-hand clothes is a way to minimize the waste associated with fast fashion,” said Moira Dolen, student council sponsor teacher.

Kayla Henry, Student Council Co-President, added, “We had the best support from the Health Care Auxiliaries because they understood what we were trying to express. Deanna Noonan from the store was a tremendous help to all the students who participated. »

All the clothes featured in the show were going to be auctioned off to the school students.

The minimum donation was $2 and all funds raised would go back to the health care aides.

Participants on the show were Maddy Jolly, Kayla Henry, Bianca Steele, Clifton Tollelfson, Emma Pakosz, Maitlan Pellatt, Diego Guevara Mix, Layla O’Brian, Caidence Burns, Avi McIntyre and Keizo Tollefson, along with Vice Principal Laura Harrison. Other student council members who helped coordinate the event were Ava Kennedy, Brianna Naduzzi, and Ella Hillbercht.

The successful lunchtime show attracted over 300 students.

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