Lasting talks: Duxbury clothing store opens and sells ‘slow fashion’

DUXBURY, Massachusetts. (WBZ NewsRadio) – With fast fashions dominating the fashion industry these days, a new store in Duxbury sells clothes meant for long-term wear.

Wander & Rove off Standish Street offers a variety of contemporary women’s clothing, ranging from accessories to jackets and swimwear, designed to encompass the idea of ​​”slow fashion”, a concept that reduces the consumption and production of products to be more sustainable for the environment.

WBZ’s Brooke McCarthy was able to walk around the store, where owner Sarah Jones said all of their merchandise was handpicked to ensure the brands on the shelves adhere to ethical requirements for their employees and aim to reduce pollution.

“Allowing more natural materials to be on our bodies every day is something I liken to natural organic foods. They’re just timeless pieces, you can wear them for years,” Jones said.

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According to the Wander & Rave website, sustainable fashion can better protect the future of the planet because organic clothing with materials like cotton, linen, bamboo, hemp, tencel and lyocell, will only send no plastic microfibers in the environment as they break down like some synthetic thread brands would.

“Long story short, support the little guys out there because you’re supporting a lot of people who care about you and want to see a change in the fashion industry. By supporting more sustainable brands, you too can have an impact on how products are made, how we consume and the people we support,” Wander & Rave said in a statement.

WBZ’s Brooke McCarthy (@BrookeWBZ) reports.

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