Men’s fashion trends for winter 2021

Clothing inspired by casual country and winter sports outfits. “Care” clothing, nightcore and marine-nautical inspiration are the main inspirations for the men’s collection for this fall 2021 – 2022.

The five major trends for winter 2021 are men’s fashion

What is free time?

Let leisure be a term used by stylists to determine the clothes that inspire us from the clothes we wear, even when walking or hiking. “Tt” comes from “tdor”, and in English leisure time is rest. It is an evolution that replaces the great trend of personal leisure. The “it” for “athletic” by wearing sports-inspired clothing even when you’re not training in joggers, sneakers and tracksuits. A tracksuit is a zipped track top.

“In our free time, we see the transition from city to country,” says stylist Thomas Silberman of the Carlin Creative Trends Bureau. These are the loungewear that we happily wear when they turn green. “After prisons, we observe and analyze a change in fashions on the part of a part of the population who wants to get closer to nature,” he said. It’s not about wearing technical clothing, but performance. The idea is to rediscover the long-term, bucolic and pastoral aspects of rurality. ”

Clearly, this leads to less technical, water-repellent, breathable, but technically invisible, non-technical clothing. We do not pretend to be an athlete going on a high mountain trek. These are the clothes that can be worn every day in the city. The fabrics are mat and the colors are natural. We also see Irish cable sweaters and quilted barber jackets in this trend. There are many military inspirations, including cargo pants, multi-pocket jackets, and jumpsuits. But Bermuda shorts are also pretty amazing in winter.

The main winter sport

I found this expression a little ridiculous before the mental expression. Popular This is called “ski clothing”. These are street clothes that sometimes look like ski suits: ski pants, big down jacket and mountain collar. To find designers like Sakai, A-Cold-Wall and Fendi.

Nightcore, this year’s crazy fashion trend

This is the difference between Royalcore and Regencycore, the dress styles inspired by the era of royalty and regency… the costumes worn in the Netflix series “The Chronicle of the Bridgets”.

Nightcore includes costumes, accessories and jewelry that evoke the night, usually medieval. The trend is carried by two very influential designers in fashion: Heidi Slimman for Céline and Demna Guasalia for Balenciaga. And creative brands like Egon Lab. Mannequins wearing Victorian necklaces, studs, chunky chains and earrings, knight’s earrings in armor, fishnet pants, etc. organized his parade on the Château de Chambre. The latter mixes elements of metal armor in the winter collection related to video games, NASA and science fiction. “It’s a violent novel based on a historic television series. It is about style, clothing, customization with accessories, personal interpretation and a series of clothes that can be found in stores.

Men’s Fashion Fall 2021: “Care” Trend

This fashion was born from “care”, from care, from teleworking in English. These are salon items to recharge your batteries. Clothing with the expected social benefits, ”explains Thomas Silberman. This is not a new trend. It appears in 2020 and continues this year, particularly in the collections of luxury brands. They are bathrobes, loose and loose pants like pajamas. Comfortable woolen clothes. It is mainly found in luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, A-Cold-Wall and Fendi.

Inspiration Nautical – Sailor

Another big trend that we find among mid to high end brands is other clothing, including navy coats, navy coats, cross closures and navy style sweaters. So it’s a lot of mesh, wool and navy blue. The explanation for this trend in midwinter, representing summer, is probably a response to the need for freedom and adventure with the desire to escape. Sailors are carriers of this imagination.

Trendy clothing Fall 2021 – 2022

With or without the consequences of these five trends, some clothes are very fashionable this winter:


Le Cargo, trousers of military origin with flap pockets on the sides. It is omnipresent on the shelves of stores. Available in three cuts: straight, fine and tight. Loose baggy with high waist. And the cargo jogging: Jogging-style pockets but characteristic on the sides.

For example the XXL pants that we saw at Lanvin, Mayner and Dries Van Noten.

City pajama pants.



There are three major knitting trends: sleeveless knit cardigans, sweaters, Irish-style cable knit sweaters, and turtlenecks.

Jacket and coats

Double-breasted waterproof trench coat designed by Burberry for the British Army. The marine coats in waterproof wool, as thick as a peanut coat, can be recognized by their high crossed collar and slanted pockets. Anorak – Winter sports down jackets. Teddy, American college jacket.

balaklava accessory

Balaclava, Balaclava is a very fashionable winter accessory.

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