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With summer fast approaching, it’s time to take your chunky knits and down jackets one last step before relegating them to the back of the closet. There’s no better time to give your wardrobe a warm-weather upgrade. The hottest and must-have summer fashion trends – like Y2K alarm clocks like camo pants and ultra miniskirts and mood-elevating colors like yellow and fluffy pink – will make sure you’re ready.

Bright colors like neon pink have clearly had their major moments on the summer 2022 runways, and the memo seems to have reached celebrities and the same streets. Bold, loud and colorful patterns and prints will resume their reign as one of the most sought-after clothing styles this summer.

Without further ado, here are the most important and must-have summer fashion trends for 2022, from loud summery prints to the most uplifting color of the year.

1. Hottest Women’s Short Trends for Summer

The denim craze is back this summer. Let your inner Daisy Duke shine with a pair of cute denim shorts for weekend brunches, beach trips and other summer outings. If cuts are faster, you can DIY your own pair by cutting a few inches off your usual denim shorts with a pair of scissors.

Denim shorts, like jeans, come in multiple washes, fits, and heights, so finding a pair that will flatter your figure will be a breeze. High-waisted denim shorts, in particular, have grown in popularity in recent months, thanks to their laid-back sass and flattering design. Wear your pair with a white button-up shirt and your favorite trainers, or just go bohemian with a long-sleeve crop top.

The pant shorts are also back, and you don’t have to hit the office to rock the style this summer. These bermudas can be made a little more formal with a pair of heeled sandals and an oversized coat or blazer. Away from the office, try to keep it simple and casual with a pair of low-top sneakers and a skinny black tank top. For a luxurious summer look, opt for oversized bermuda-length leather shorts. You can amp up the class factor of your outfit with a cashmere sweater and your favorite pair of pumps.

Bike shorts are another style secret for hot summer days. They are comfortable and fashionable, flattering just about any body type. They are sure to shape and smooth the hips, thighs and legs as shorts are usually made with blends of sports materials. When it comes to style, they pair perfectly with sweatshirts and graphic tees, giving your look a laid-back loungewear vibe. Boxy and layered handbags jewelry making these beauties more expensive and stylish – something to keep in mind this summer.

Paper-bag shorts have also made a surprising comeback, and this summer designers are revisiting them with exaggerated details like crinkled high waists. Forget the bow sash for added definition and waist coverage for a cleaner look. Wear your pair with a fitted crop top or a soft tee to keep it casual and comfy.

All in all, high-waisted retro short styles will be trending this summer as designers and trendsetters look to the past for inspiration. To ensure that you bring more of the bygone good times to the fore, make sure your high-waisted shorts are adorned with various retro details, from pleats to sailor buttons. Don’t forget to add some mod sunglasses and a pair of leather wedges to your retro look.

2. Loud and colorful prints and patterns

Our love affair with retro prints like florals and vintage checkerboards is still going strong thanks to WFH fashion. Let them enjoy the limelight on your headbands, shorts, babydolls, miniskirts, bikinisand even wide pants.

Colorful and bold prints and patterns also have a hell of a summer moment. One of our favorite warm weather prints has to be camouflage. Sanctuary explained that while the bold print is usually reserved for denim and military-style jackets, camo pants are the real heroes of summer. You can apply a touch of camouflage to anything, and it will look really chic, from joggers and sweatpants to belts and even cargo pants. We just can’t get enough of camo pants – and for good reason. The military print is versatile and gives your look a boyish chic vibe. They work best with solid color tops like sweaters, polo shirts, and graphic tees for a casual or casual look.

You can style your camo pants with any color palette, but don’t be afraid to add a little texture with knit pieces or a pop of color with colorful items. You can wear them with cardigans, sweatshirts, white shirts, sweaters, camouflage jackets and denim jackets. The styling possibilities are endless.

When it comes to stripes, this summer is all about bold verticals, juxtaposed layouts, wide organic stripes, abstract stripes and mixed stripe plays. They look great on sundresses, miniskirts, shirts, blouses, polo shirts and loose baggy pants. Rugby stripes have also made an appearance on the slopes. For this sporty pattern, opt for bright colors to generate an impressive shock that you can dress up with solid colors as a base. This color palette works wonderfully for two-piece combos like a skirt and shirt.

Logos are also put on anything with a printable surface, including handbags, dresses, shirts, graphic tees, pants, shorts, belts, and even jackets. This summer it’s all about letting your fans know which brand your shoes, handbag or dress are from. Creating a head-to-toe outfit with logo apparel is the easiest way to style this look.

3. Pink: the official color of summer 2022

Designers and brands are turning their attention to dopaminergic dressing this year, and summer is their real playground. trend will likely carry over to street style this summer. Summer will bring a variety of bold color trends – purple, neon green, yellow and orange. But pink (or hot pink, to be precise) will be the shade of the season. For inspiration, take a look at the 64and Annual Grammy Awardswhere celebrities like Saweetie rocked different shades of pink, and some tracks heavily featured gorgeous fuchsia pieces.

There are tons of fabulous ways to wear pink this summer!

You can wear head-to-toe pink for a monochromatic look that will get lots of stares and compliments. Consider pairing a flowy pink dress with a pair of espadrilles that feature pops of fuchsia. Introduce a pair of dark sunglasses into the mix to add a fresh touch to your outfit. Wear an oversized pink suit with white sneakers for a smart casual look for a surprise touch. Looking to break the mould? Enter a pair of periwinkle leather pumps in the assortment.

If you prefer business or casual attire, opt for a bright pink blouse and wide leg jeans or flared pants. Both pieces are ultra-comfy and will look great when married together. Go for something dressier or more chic on the front of the shoe, like silver ankle boots or embellished satin heeled sandals. Chino shorts are generally neutral, so spice things up this summer with a pair of hot pink chino shorts and pair them with a black and white button up or striped top for a playful touch. If subtle preppy isn’t your thing, opt for a denim jacket with rolled up sleeves.

Navy ripped skinny jeans and a fuchsia blouse are another casual combo that will get you compliments this summer. Smarten up your outfit with a pair of white heeled sandals.

4. Wearable Art – Looks like a piece of art!

The line between fashion and art has long been blurred, thanks in large part to the wearable art movement that has taken the fashion world by storm. While artist-inspired pieces of clothing have been in fashion since the late 1960s, the trend has finally come of age and will come into full force this summer. Swap out your favorite polka dots, stripes and florals for wearable art accessories and clothing that showcase a beautiful art scene. They’re a meaningful and fun way to express your artistic and playful side, and luckily wearable art can be splashed onto just about anything, including handbags, graphic t-shirts and hats. shoes – just to name a few.

Wearable art can be anything from cheesy to ultra-chic, depending on how you style it. You can make it the centerpiece of your outfit to get all the limelight. For example, you can wear a colorful top that showcases an artistic scene with neutral items like blush sneakers, a beige handbag, and a pair of dark denim jeans.

Make sure your wearable art clothes have a refined yet simple and clean silhouette. Too many details, embellishments, or fabrics are overkill for a wearable piece of art. Remember to stick to a theme and keep your wearable art modern and playful; the last thing you want is a messy, busy look.

5. Summer Suits

The costume has been off the dress menu for quite some time as more and more people have embraced WFH fashion. However, as more and more people return to the office, this summer will see the comeback of costumes. Summer suiting is all about looking sophisticated without sacrificing comfort.

Luckily, there are plenty of lightweight fabrics and lighter color options that won’t weigh you down this summer. Typically, you can go head-to-toe with a blazer and matching skirt or dress pants. If that’s not your thing, break up the monochromatic look with smart pieces, like cream pants with a light t-shirt or a pair of office jeans and a white blazer.

Another must-have summer fashion trend is the white suit. It’s simple: wear crisp whites, then finish your costume outfit with eye-catching accents like bold shoulders, contrasting dark hardware and waist ties. This look will definitely make those long drives a little less painful.


Fashion designers and trendsetters are looking to the past for inspiration like never before this summer. From Y2K revivals like camp pants to high-waisted retro shorts, everything has a moment this season, but wearable art, eco-friendly clothing and the color pink are sure to rule the style of street this summer.

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