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Jay Hanson is a brand ambassador for Pit Lane Clothing

New, original Australian fashion brand Pit Lane Clothing perfectly encapsulates the spirit of a runner with their brand of lifestyle clothing that suits everyone.

Porsche 944 driver and brand owner Jack Atley and his business partners have created a unique clothing brand that differentiates itself from motorsport memorabilia and focuses on the true spirit of a driver.

The Pit Lane Clothing brand manufactures many types of t-shirts, pants, jackets, watches, etc., with the rising brand looking to make its mark in the racing industry, and commentators and racing drivers love already what Atley and its partners are creating.

After launching the business in late 2020, Atley said the brand has already garnered a lot of interest around the world and they are looking to grow the business even further.

“It’s a lifestyle brand for men and women…It’s a very diverse brand and it really appeals to anyone with a motorsport passion or following,” said Atley, who also a media arm of the company.

“We’ve really been almost overwhelmed with the passion for the brand and it’s exciting, and we’re looking to build the brand.”

Pit Lane Clothing has already attracted the interest of racing drivers; TCR race winner Jay Hanson has become a brand ambassador, while fellow TCR rider Michael Clemente does the same.

“We will be seen on a number of different cars and in a number of different categories across Australia, in particular TCR, Porsche, Toyota 86 and we can build from there,” said Atley.

Atley has made sure to focus on the fact that his fashion brand is designed for anyone with a running spirit, whether it’s a wife shopping for a husband or a grandparent shopping for a grandchild. He described his brand as someone who never gives up, never lifts up and someone who is ready to take on the world.

The passion within the Pit Lane Clothing team is evident in their hard work on their brand, becoming increasingly loved by racing fans who are looking for racing memorabilia that shows their passion for motorsport.

Atley’s brand can be seen on his #35 Porsche race car during the 2022 944 Challenge competition, with more drivers looking to become ambassadors for the rising brand.

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