New social enterprise Sew Ready launches clothing swap in Lisburn

Debuting in Market Square, the clothing exchange offers a range of new and used clothing in a fashionable outdoor market stall. Participants are encouraged to “bring three, swap three” with the aim of updating their wardrobe in an eco-friendly way.

Clothing from the new Exchange Shop can also be purchased with a donation. All proceeds from the event are plowed back into the community through Sew Ready’s various sewing classes and creative textile art workshops. It was founded and run by Sarah Hoppe, a long-time seamstress and graduate pattern maker/designer.

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Sarah runs local sewing workshops for all ages through this new business venture; his second business. The textile education of the younger generation ensures that an appreciation of traditional craftsmanship is maintained and fosters a sense of conscious consumption, as we teach children to consider where their clothes come from.

New Sew Ready social enterprise launched by Sarah Hoppe in Market Square

As Sew Ready expands, they plan to hold creative workshops for a wide range of audiences. This will include projects such as intergenerational skills exchange and gardening-based projects to bring community groups together and combat loneliness.

The clothing swap concept is also a community way to support each other during the current cost of living crisis. Sarah plans to hold the clothes swap every six weeks in Lisburn town center and hopes to expand the clothes swap to include school uniforms. As living costs soar, gently used clothing at incredibly affordable prices will be a big help for many.

Speaking at the event in Lisburn Market Square, Sarah said: ‘It was so great to see everyone taking part in our first clothing swap. It’s an easy and great way for anyone to get involved and do their part for the environment by keeping a circular fashion pattern.

We intend to offer a garment repair service alongside the exchange in the near future to encourage longer wear. Through this, we hope to help communities preserve the integrity of fashion, take care of their clothes, and in turn, positively affect change for the environment.

Sewig classes are held at the Bow Street Mall to teach new skills to all ages

To find out when Sew Ready is hosting its next clothing swap and workshops, follow @sewreadyorg on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Young people get creative with clothes at Sew Ready

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